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Centurion Coolcap Bump Cap



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Centurion Coolcap Bump Cap

Our fashion-led CoolCap bump cap combines high ventilation and high flexibility. Fitted over an ABS liner, the bump cap can provide lightweight head protection, reassuring protection against minor bumps and scrapes to the head.

Data Sheet - Instructions

Main Material: 

  • Shell: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
    (ABS)ⓘ"A" brings heat & chemical resistance and tensile strength. "B" brings impact strength, toughness and good performance at low temperatures. "S" brings the glossy appearance, process-ability, and rigidity.
  • Cap Cover: Brushed Cotton
  • Pads: Brushed Nylon Fabric covered EVA foam pad
  • Headband: VELCRO® Brand fastener with tuck-in strap eyelet


  • Weight: 150g
  • Size: 54-59cm
  • Peak Type: Standard (50mm)
  • Standard: EN 812:2012, -40°C

Why ABS is chosen for the Centurion Bump Cap?

The optimal choice to protect your most important asset
Lightweight, Strong & Comfortable ABS helmet

Made from 3 Distinct Monomers to Bring a Set of Performance Characteristics

Patented Accessory Slot

Structural difference ABS and HDPE : Complex Matrix vs Linear Chain

DryTech Sweatband

Compressive Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain the integrity of the shape and resist structural deformation under stress.

BSI Kitemark Approved

Tensile Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain its structural integrity when exposed to a projectile.

Integrated Eyewear

Hardness: ABS requires a very high pressure to ‘distort’ the structure.

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