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Mens Work Overalls

Works Overalls are an essential item of protective workwear used in many manual labour jobs including farmers, railroad workers, mechanics, engineers, welders, builders and painters. These types of work are hands on and require workers to get their hands and more often the rest of their physical self dirty so it is crucial that employees are provided with overalls to preserve and protect their own clothes and bodies.

In this collection, you will see both mens work overalls and coveralls. Both are predominantly used as protective wear and to be worn over top of clothes, protecting hardworking men from spatter, spills, splashes, dirt and mess. Although these two terms are technically different, the term "overalls" is commonly used to cover both types of garments in the UK:

  • Coveralls: have full coverage of the arms and a high collar included, e.g flame retardant coveralls and hi vis coveralls
  • Overalls: Tend to be a bib and brace style top attached to a trouser bottom, e.g. painters bib and brace overalls and gardening overalls