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Professional Knee Pads for Work

Protect your knees! Blaklader knee pads for both men and women are designed to provide maximum protection against wear and tear on your knees when you’re working in a kneeling position.

These professional knee pads for work provide enhanced protection when kneeling on uneven surfaces. Because some of them are thicker, they of­fer better thermal protection than thin knee pads, which is essential to consider if working, for example, outdoors in the winter. To learn more about protective wear, read our complete guide.

How to Pick the Correct Knee Pads for Work?

#4032 #4058 #4027 #4057
Heavy-duty; Extended use Heavy-duty Heavy-duty Flexible & lightweight; Occasional use
Ideal for trousers with standard/wider fit or larger size Ideal for trousers with narrow fit or small size
N/A (Not compatible with kneepad pockets 4067) Also used with shorts (together with kneepad pockets 4067)

Some factors to consider when choosing knee pads:

• How uneven the surface is?
• How long you will be kneeling?
• How long you will be kneeling?
• What trousers you are wearing? etc
If you work frequently and for prolonged periods on your knees, we recommend heavy-duty knee pads like the 4027 (narrower) and 4032 (wider) because they are thicker and offer enhanced protection when kneeling on uneven surfaces.