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Circular Connectors

The CEEP circular connector collection has been serving a diverse range of industries now for over 50 years, primarily used for power and signal transmissions. They are electrical plugs and receptacles, with multiple contacts housed within a circular shell/body made of aluminium alloy. 

These multi pin connector variations are commonly used in extreme and tough environments thanks to the high performance, including Event Productions (especially Socapex), Military, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Autonomous vehicles, Renewable energy and Robotics amongst many others.

We carry both circular female connector and circular male connector ranges. Their benefits include :

  • HEAVY DUTY: Constructed with robust metal housing and a range of plating options. With over 40 different planforms available in a variety of formats we have a solution to meet most needs.
  • WATERPROOF: Rated to IP68 when mated (the strictest IP rating level). Accustomed to harsh industrial use and saline environments. Their circular connector range has been serving the Marine industry as an example for over 40 years.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Outstanding functionality. A tried and tested interconnect solution proven to last the test of time. Designed for multiple mating cycles and regular use.
  • EASY TO USE: These circular connectors with screw terminals allow quick and simple coupling thanks to the screw-lock fitting.