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Kask SuperPlasma Helmet AQ

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Product details

KASK SuperPlasma Helmet AQ - Bestselling KASK Hard Hat

Compliant with EN 397, it is designed specifically for industrial applications and features many characteristics that separate it from your ordinary hard hat.

A High Level of Protection: The outer shell is made to withstand significant impact from above as well as from the sides. 4 fastening points of the helmet’s chinstrap reduce the risk of helmet loss.

Low Weight & Comfort: 10 air vents offer efficient cooling and ventilation while keeping debris away with an anti-intrusion mesh grid finish. Being 15% lighter than other safety helmets, you might even forget you’re wearing it!

Ideal for Industrial Professionals: It offers professionals excellent flexibility due to a range of accessories available e.g. visors, earmuffs, lamp clips, pads and neck shades. 

Kask Plasma vs Super Plasma - Head Protection Guide

Feature Explanations:

1.10 x Air Grids
2.4 x Lamp Clips
3.Visor Attachment
4.Earmuff Attachment
5.Micrometrical Adjustment
6.Ring to Hook
7.Chin Strap
8.2Dry High-Tech Fabric

1. 10 Air Intakes: Equipped with an anti-intrusion grille, preventing the entry of debris whilst maintaining breathability
2. Strong nylon external lamp clips: Compatible with all headlamps with an elastic band on the market
3. Allows visor to be attached
4. Allows earmuff to be attached
5. Micrometrical Adjustment: The micrometrical size regulation mechanism positioned at the rear of the helmet, providing quick and precise adjustment, even when wearing gloves.
6. Ring To Hook: Fitted with a special loop on the chin strap to allow the helmet to be connected to a harness
7. EN397 Chinstrap: 4 point chinstrap with quick-release fastening and opening in conformity with EN 397. Provided with a lateral divider for adjusting the length of the straps.
8. 2Dry Fabric Technology: This high-tech and maximum comfort fabric dries very quickly, encouraging the expansion and dispersion of moisture to the outside and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.


• Outer Shell: PP Polypropylene

• Inner Shell: HD Polystyrene

• Headband: Soft PA Nylon headband

• Size Universal: Adjustable 51 - 63 cm

• Weight: 390 g

• Standards: EN 397

Kask Plasma Helmet Accessories

We stock a variety of plasma accessories including visors, earmuffs, neck shades and more. Discover the most popular accessories below and the full list of KASK Plasma accessories.


KASK Visor V2 Plus

  • Plasma visor V2 Plus supplied with all fixings required for helmet attachment

KASK Super Plasma Visor

  • Plasma full-face visor supplied with all fixings required for helmet attachment


Kask Super Plasma Earmuffs

  • Earmuffs with different hearing protection levels

Kask Super Plasma Earmuff Adaptor

  • To install ear muffs to Plasma Helmets

How to Install Visor & Earmuff Adapter to KASK Plasma Helmet?

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