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Doughty Truss Clamps

Founded in 1985, Doughty Engineering has been a top manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for film/TV, theatre and concert halls. Their recent projects include Youtube's studio and Financial Times' TV studio. The Doughty Clamp collection is one of their popular stage lighting ranges, considered practical and top quality lighting clamps. Here are some of their popular truss clamps:

Classic Truss Clamp Ranges

We stock a wide range of Doughty clamp variations. They come in different capacities, widths, diameters and finishes to suit your unique live productions.
• Half Coupler (or called Wrap-Around clamp): Provides a greater grip to the tube as it fully wraps a tube ranging from 24mm to 63mm
• Truss Hook Clamp (or called C clamp): An affordable and traditional light-to-medium-duty steel clamp that allows one-person operation
• Trigger Clamp (combination of hook clamp & half coupler): Allows one-person operation when rigging a heavy light
• Quick Trigger Clamp: Mounts on any point on a truss piece without obstruction due to the knob position, and allow one-person operation

Innovative Truss Clamp Ranges

• Doughty Twenty Clamp: It has a safe working load (SWL) of 20kg and does not damage lighting tubes or truss.
• Doughty Fifty Clamp: Following the success of the Doughty twenty clamp, this one has an SWL of 50kg.

Double Clamp (or called Coupler)

• 90-Degree Fixed Coupler: Connects 2 tubes at 90 degrees without rotating.
• Swivel Coupler: Allows 2 tubes to join together with free rotation.