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Centurion Hard Hats

Made in the UK, Centurion has been an expert in head protection since the 19th century. They feature an array of head protection products – from all-purpose to specialist.

One of their unique features is the ABS shell. ABS shells have a fantastic impact and compression qualities giving you great tensile strength, fabulous compression strength and hard material. Centurion ABS helmets regularly hit 50% above the set target for compression and penetration tests performed in the EN 397 standard, making them one of the safest helmets in the industry.

• Centurion Nexus Hard Hat: Manufactured from high quality, strong ABS material, the pioneering Nexus Core safety helmet combines advanced industrial safety standards with modern styling – including our Micro Peak for optimum visibility and Dry-Tech sweatband for all-day comfort.
• Centurion Concept Hard Hat: Manufactured from superior ABS material, the Concept range offers a high level of safety with low weight (20% lighter than most other helmets), reassuring strength with feel-good comfort. The Concept is the helmet that tore up the rule-book.
• Centurion Hard Hat Accessories: We stock a range of Centurion hard hat accessories including Hard hat visors, ear defenders, pads, reflective stickers etc

Advantages of ABS over HPDE?

x 66+ Compressive Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain the integrity of the shape and resist structural deformation under stress.
x 3+ Tensile Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain its structural integrity when exposed to a projectile.
x 1.7+Hardness: ABS requires a very high pressure to ‘distort’ the structure.

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