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Doughty Studio Rails

The Doughty Studio Rail is an extruded aluminium rail available with all the components necessary for a comprehensive overhead studio rail system.

Besides curtain, this heavy-duty rail can support a maximum load of 100kg between brackets for hanging heavier equipment like pantographs or for use as a studio lighting rail.

It features a unique joint pin system that aids assembly and joint alignment. The Studio Rail 60/80 is available in 4 standard lengths and in 2 finishes, natural aluminium and black anodized. The curved track is also available in different sizes. The main features and benefits are:

  • Heavy Duty: Support heavy load up to 100kg
  • Flexible: Wide range of brackets available for different installations
  • Support different fittings e.g. curtains, drapes luminaries with numerous carriages
  • Support moving rail
  • Curved curtain track available

Studio Rail Manual - Curtain Track Guide

Doughty Studio Rail Doughty Rail Stage Curtain Track
Aluminium fabrication Aluminium fabrication Steel fabrication
Max. load=100 Kg Max. load=60 Kg Min. Load=30kg
Heavy Duty (Not only for curtains), Numerous brackets Lightweight, Low profile, Numerous brackets Professional, Numerous brackets
Overhead Walkalong, Overlap Walkalong, Line-operated, Line-operated with overlap
Silver/Black Silver/Black Black only