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Men's Work Trousers

Our safety workwear is designed to protect professional tradesmen, whatever the weather, from working in tough environments. They come in multiple sizes and colours. Whether you are a craftsman, an industrial worker, a road & construction worker, a plumber or an electrician, you should choose those that last. Shop by job role now:

Chainsaw Trousers: Also known as arborist protective trousers, they are designed to protect your legs from cuts while operating a chainsaw.
Painters Trousers: As a painter, it is very important that the trousers you choose are equipped with the right pockets and protective features for your work, as well as stretch panels to maximize the freedom of movement.
 Flame Retardant Trousers: Designed to keep the wearer protected against the dangers associated with heat, flames, and welding.
 Electrician Trousers: An electrician is sometimes subjected to high temperatures, sparks or electricity so it is essential that you choose workwear that protects you against the hazards.