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Yale VSIII Hand Chain Hoist 250-5000 KG

VSIII 0,25/1-3

Chain Containers?

Hand Chain Hoist (Model VSIII), Known as Chain Block or Block and Tackle

Hand Chain Hoists are designed to lift or lower a load by pulling one chain with both hands. The small pulling force applied is transformed over a long distance to a large force over a short distance to move a heavy item. They are also commonly known as hand hoists or chain blocks. Sometimes, block and tackle or chain falls mean the same thing.

The newly designed hand hoist VSIII is an innovative further development introduced by Yale.

The block and tackle product combines all the features expected by the user - Quality, Safety, and Performance - at a favourable price.


The improved hand chain guide prevents canting or jamming of the hand chain, leading to a smooth running of the chain. High-quality bearings on side plates, gearbox and load chain sheave ensure the smooth operation of the load chain and drive pinion. Optimized hand forces set standards for easy operation. This is classed as a medium-duty chain block ideal for everyday lifting tasks with a capacity ranging from 250kg to 5000kg. Please also visit the VSIII series with higher capacity - 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 KG. 

All Hoists come standard with 3M of lift. For additional lengths or capacity, please contact us via chat or our contact form below.

Technical Data - Chain Hoist Guide

Features & Benefits:

  • Capacity: 0.25 - 5 tons [*The 1-ton chain block is the most popular]
  • Height of lift (H.O.L): 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, 18m 
  • The extremely low overall height allows optimal use of available headroom.
  • Fully enclosed stamped steel housing allows outdoor use.
  • The 360° rotating hooks allow easy mounting and positioning. The load can also be rotated easily while suspended, preventing load chain twisting.
  • Equipped with robust safety latches 
  • Strong bolts between side plates and housing cover and the reinforced hand wheel cover ensure increased stability.
  • Precision machined guide rollers ensure a smooth running of the load chain.
  • High-quality bearings for a gearbox, side plates, and load chain sheave permit a long service life.
  • Zinc-plated and yellow-chromate brake parts and guide rollers ensure increased corrosion protection.
  • Zinc-plated load chain as standard for added corrosion protection.
  • Application: Chain blocks are ideal for high vertical loads. You can continue to pull the chain from the ground even when the hoist is positioned up high, widely used from lifting car engines in garages to industrial plants. 

Items often needed to operate a chain block:

Manual Chain Hoist Bag as an Option

A chain hoist bag or called chain container is a collecting bag housing the slack chain that falls down to minimize the risks when using the hoist. Without a proper chain container, lifting hazards can occur:
  • The slack chain is caught on obstructions or itself to cause a hazard to operators
  • The brake is held open by the weight of the slack chain. 
  • The load can get damaged
Yale VSIII Chain Block can be supplied with a chain hoist bag from 250kg to 5000kg. The bag fits on to the dead-end stop and connects body bolts to provide a sturdy chain storage container for slack load chain. The chain hoist bags are available in various different sizes to accommodate different heights of lift. MTN team will select the right size for your order!

6 Hand Chain Hoist Quick Facts


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