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Ronin Lift - Battery Powered Rope Ascender

Product No. 2805-11

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Ronin Lift - Battery Powered Rope Ascender

The RONIN LIFT weighing only 10kg is one of the lightest powered ascenders on the market. It is also smooth, fast, and easy to use for at-height workers, removing the physical strain and fatigue of climbing. Whether it is used for mountaineering, building maintenance, search & rescue, wind tower access, film rigging or tree care, the ascender will take your adventure to new heights.

Developed to manage heavy loads in tough environments, it maintains controlled acceleration up to the safe working load of 181 kg. With its mechanical advantages up to 3:1, loads of up to 544 kg can be accommodated. Both anchor points are rated at 2260 g for confident rigging. Note: Rope is not included. You may need to purchase your own one. Ronin HP Rope (Marlow) is one of the approved ropes recommended by Ronin.



• 1x Ronin Lift Ascender
• 1x Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
• 1x AC Power Supply & Power Cord (i.e. Charger & Charger Cable)
• 1x Rope Brush

Spec Sheet - User Manual - Checklist - CE Certificate



Lightweight & Portable

Continuous Use

Hot-Swappable Battery Pack for Continuous Use

Variable Speed Control

Thumbwheel trigger for Variable Speed Control

hands-Free Work

Automatic Braking Feature for Hands-Free Work

Durable Construction

Rugged & Durable Construction


• Dimensions: 29cm (L) x 39cm (W) x 34cm (H)
• SWL: 181kg of continuous lifting capacity
• Speed: Ascent - Variable (0.15 – 0.45 m/per second) ; Descent - 1.06m/sec. max @ 181 kg
• Weight: 11kg (incl. battery)
• Material: Aluminum, Bronze & Stainless steel
• Finish: Powder Coat Black
• Water Resistant: IP 54 rated
• Standards: Full CE & ANSI certified
• Operating Temperature Range: -20 - 49 C
• Battery Type: 22 VDC Lithium Ion Rechargeable
• Battery Re-Charge Time: Approximately 2 Hours
• Rope Loading: End Feed
• Acting as both a winch and ascender, applications include: Armed Forces, Arborists, Photo/Video, Production Rigs, Police, Rescue, Underground, Geo Research, Wind Power, Telecom, Rock Climbing, Action Sports, Power Line, Wall Climbing, Spelunking, Bungee Jumping



If you do not have one of the above-approved ropes, then make sure your rope meets all the below requirements.
• Rope Types: Static Line Rope
• Rope Diameter: 10-13mm
• Rope Elongation: Less than 2% for 10 – 11.5mm dia. rope; Less than 3.3% for 11.6 – 12mm dia. Rope; Less than 4.5% for 12 – 13mm dia.
• Sheath Construction: Kernmantle, Tech-Nora, or Aramid sheath construction (Tech-Nora will have the best rope wear characteristics)
• Strand Count: 32 or greater (Less than 32 strands will result in increased rope wear)



No matter what your challenge is the Ronin Lift is ready to make sure you complete any at-height task quicker and safer.

Ronin Lift for Arborists
Ronin Lift for Building Maintenance
Ronin Lift for Telecom
Ronin Lift for Search and Rescue
Ronin Lift for Wall/Rock Climbing
Ronin Lift for Power Utility


Save energy and time with the Ronin lift battery-powered ascender. Its lightweight and rugged design makes it easier than ever to get up into the canopy. With a safe working load of 181 Kg, the climbing ascender can get any Arborist and his/her gear up the tree with ease. A hot-swappable battery means you never run out of power while ascending or winching. Battery power keeps the Ronin quiet, environmentally friendly, and ready for all-day continuous use.


Windy conditions and contours of buildings limit the access of scaffolding, bucket trucks, and scissor lifts. The Ronin Lift provides you with complete freedom and efficiency to move quickly. It can be used as a personal ascender or a winch from the top position to pull up equipment to an elevated position. It can be used as your primary method of access, kept as a back-up for a rescue situation, or integrated with your current equipment. The ascender is IP 54 rated, so it is water-resistant.


The growth of the telecommunications industry is rapid, requiring constant upgrades and expansion to keep up with the demand. The Ronin Lift can keep your good climbers climbing more efficiently with less injury day after day. The rope ascender can also help new climbers get acclimated quickly to keep up with the high demands of the job.


Ladders, hand winches, and manual ascenders have all been utilized in search and rescue scenarios. However, when every second counts, the Ronin Lift battery powered rope ascender can provide a tremendous advantage in the way of speed, efficiency, and capacity over previously used tools. From extraction to helicopter operations, the Ronin provides flexibility and speed needed for critical SAR operations with its capacity of 400lbs and mechanical advantage for 2 person rescue.


Whether you are looking to do some big wall climbing, base jumping, spelunking your favourite cave, or camping in the canopy with your friends, the Ronin Lift has got you covered. The device is the first and only ascender priced with the consumer in mind. With a 400lb lifting capacity, it is the perfect battery powered winch and personal ascender combo to get your gear into position quicker, faster, and safer.


Maintaining electric infrastructure has never been easier with the Ronin Lift. Whether it’s the day, night, rain, or shine, this ascender device is ready to help your crew access the most difficult locations with ease. The 181kg lifting capacity means you save your crew’s energy and keep them safer during emergency situations. Using a mechanical advantage up to 3:1, you can lift loads of 1200 lbs. (544 Kg). With two attachment points rated at 5,000 lbs. you will be rigging with confidence.


  • Rope Loading 
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Ascending with the Ronin Lift
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