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Kask Hard Hats

Based in Italy, KASK specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality head protection equipment for recreational and industrial use.

Kask Plasma vs Super Plasma

While they are compatible with the same kinds of helmet accessories like V2 Visors and KASK earmuffs, they are different in some ways.
• Product Weight: Super Plasma weighs 420g while Plasma weighs 390g.
• European Standard: The Super Plasma is an EN 12492 helmet i.e. mountaineering helmet that the chinstrap strength is greater, securing the helmet in place in an event of a fall when working at height. The Plasma is an industrial safety helmet, certified according to EN 397. The deliberately breakable chinstrap releases at minimum 150N and maximum 250N, causing the helmet to come off to avoid strangulation.
Application: Super Plasma helmets are ideal for tower climbing, rope access, high-rise construction, mountaineering, etc. Plasma ones are ideal for industrial, foundry work, low-rise construction, etc

Kask Zenith vs Super Plasma

They both come in multiple colours and a range of accessories. The main difference is:
• KASK Zenith*: ✔Excellent electric shock protection; ✔EN397 Certified [Low risk of strangulation if the helmet becomes snagged when working on the ground]; ✔Quick accessory installation without tools and adapters
• KASK Super Plasma: ✔Highly air-ventilated; ✔EN12492 Certified [Low risk of losing the helmet during a fall thanks to the high chinstrap strength]
*Zenith and Zenith Hi-vis Only

Why do people choose KASK hard hats over traditional construction ones?

Nowadays, KASK hard hats are used on many construction sites as building companies such as Skanska, Clark and Gilbane are ditching traditional hard hats for Kask products due to their safety features including additional protection from front, rear and side impacts as well as eye protection, hearing protection and the integral chin strap that keeps the gear in place. With a range of accessories, your KASK hard hat can keep you safe, effective and stylish when at height. It also promises all-day comfort and 10-year shelf life.