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Stronghold Tool Tether Tape 2.74m


Category: Tool Tethers

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Stronghold Tool Tether Tape

We sometimes need to use different tools when working at height. But, are they secured without risks of falling or being dropped?

The fact is many tools do not have an attachment point for attaching to your body via a tool tether. It means they may drop at any minute on the job site.

This 1-inch (2.54 cm) wide tool tether tape can connect a separate attachment point to your tool in seconds to create load-rated tether points on yours instantly. The tool tether tape adheres to itself only and leaves no residue on your tool.

Quick Installation:

1. Wrap the tape around the webbing of an attachment point and your tool
2. Stretch the tape as much as possible while wrapping
3. Ready to be tethered.

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  • Leaves no adhesive residue behind when removed
  • Bonds to itself making an instant seal
  • No heat gun needed
  • Installs in seconds (1. Wrap 2. Stretch 3. Go)
  • Will not peel off. Must be cut off


  • Length: 2.74m
  • Width: 2.54cm
  • Tool Diameter/Tape Required:
    - 0.64cm: 20.32cm needed before stretch
    - 1.27cm: 40.64cm needed before stretch
    - 2.54cm: 81.28cm needed before stretch
    - 5.08cm: 162.56cm needed before stretch

How to use the Stronghold Tool Tether Tape to create an instant attachment point on any hand tool?

  • Choose a proper tool (wretch, hammer etc) and a suitable point on the tool for a lanyard attachment tape
     - e.g. will not obstruct the use of the tool
    -  e.g. will not create a safety hazard
  • Cut a length of tape long enough to wrap around the tool at least 8 times (TIP: Use the table above to decide the length)
  • Start wrapping near the base of the D-ring webbing and make sure to stretch while wrapping for at least four revolutions with 100% overlap (TIP: stretching can activate the bond)
  • Continue wrapping and stretching down the D-ring with a 50% overlap
  • When reaching the D-ring (But not pass it), be sure to complete another 4 rotations with 100% overlap
  • Be sure to test your sealing tape attachment by firmly pulling on the D-ring

Credit: @AMARA Distribución material eléctrico y logística

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