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MTN Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag

Product No. MPDH13S (Bag Size:13'')

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Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag

In house, we’ve been manufacturing chain hoist bags for years, and the Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag has been one of our most popular chain container options.

Our chain bags are manufactured using a heavy vinyl mesh for increased durability.

They also have a reinforced steel frame opening to ensure easy filtering of a chain in and out of the bag.

The Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag is to be used with the Mountain Productions’ Double Hook (MPDH) Bracket, which is sold separately.

How to use Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag with Mountain Productions' Bracket

This chain hoist bag has two 7/16” genuine CM steel snap hooks that attach to the MPDH bracket installed to the hoist body. This chain container can be used both indoors and outdoors and in either the motor up or down positions.


The chart helps you determine which size bag is right for your application, based on the type of hoist (V1/Small Frame hoists use 1/4" chain, V2/Large Frames use 5/16", and the model RRS uses 10mm) and the maximum lift you require:

Max. Lift
Bag Size Item # 6.4mmChain 8mm Chain 10mm Chain
MPDH13S 12m 6m 3m
41cm MPDH16S 18m 9m 6m
MPDH20S 30.5m 21m 16.8m
MPDH25S 40m 30.5m 21m
MPDH32S N/A 36.6m 27m
MPDH36S N/A 48.8m 40m
MPDH40S N/A 61m 46m



  • Steel frame opening allows the chain to easily enter and exit bag during usage
  • Dual sewn edging helps extend the life span of chain bag
  • Reinforced nylon strapping strengthens bag to prevent chain blow-outs
  • Flame retardant
  • Designed for any application 

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