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Prostar Hoist - Control Station

Lightweight, quiet and portable: The CM Prostar electric chain motor with robust features is designed and built for the unique rigging needs encountered at small venues like theatres, hotels, exhibitions, and conferences.
Prostar Hoist Control Station


If the hook does not respond to control station, please check the potential causes below and read Prostar Hoist User Manual for a solution:

  • No voltage at the hoist.
  • Open control circuit due to loose connections or broken wires in the circuit; motor thermal protector open; control station contacts not closing; open or shorted winding in transformer; transformer thermal cut-out open; mechanical binding in contactor; open or shorted winding in contactor coil.
  • Wrong voltage or frequency.
  • Low voltage.
  • Brake not releasing due to the open or shorted coil, defective diodes or brake disc binding.
  • Excessive load.
  • Phase failure (single phasing-three phase units only) - open circuit, grounded or faulty connection in one line of the power supply system, hoist wiring, contactor, motor leads or windings.