Stage Curtain Track - Trusted by Stage Professionals

Who doesn't like the aesthetic drapery on the stage?

Beyond the technical components of building the perfect set, aesthetics is an important factor that must be considered. For those working in the theatre and stage production industry, the tabs are of particular consideration both when the show goes up and comes down.

To keep your show running smoothly, you need a stage curtain track that is reliable and safe. Doughty’s Stage Curtain Track Kits are the perfect solution for a modular curtain track system suitable for a wide range of both stage and studio applications.

Benefits of Doughty Curtain Track

#1 Doughty Sixtrack System Includes Every Component you Need

Doughty’s complete stage curtain track systems are made from a variety of interchangeable parts, providing a flexible and efficient system. Our customers told us what they like the most is every single part required to install the track system is there. With stress levels at an all-time high, some details can easily be missed when planning for the stage production. A complete curtain track system can save you from this and allow you to focus on the rest.

#2 Great Flexibility

Although it is a kit, the system can be customized to fit your stage production requirement. As a versatile studio curtain track, it can be easily cut on-site and fitted with an Adaptor Plate or End Plate in order to suit any ad-hoc situations where are commonly found in live event production.
Stage Curtain Track Cut on Site


#3 Stage-Professionals Trusted Brand

Since 1985, Doughty Engineering has worked hard to become the world’s leading manufacturer of rigging, suspension and lifting equipment for the film, TV, and theatre industries. Their Easydeck modular staging system and stage clamps are already a popular option for venues looking for temporary staging.

Doughty has been involved in many studio projects for tech giants, e.g. YouTube London, YouTube Berlin and Google DeepMind by providing curtain tracks, hoists and grids as well as their professional production knowledge. 

stage curtain track

Doughty Engineering and the other lighting manufacturer have partnered on projects for YouTube London

#4 Multiple Configurations

Six Track can be configured in different ways, including a Walkalong System and a Manual Line-Operated System. They can also be configured to operate with a motorised system that allows a remote operation if required.

Their kits have got you covered! They include all the components required. Save your time. Save your efforts.



Which Curtain Track System is Right for me?

No matter which configuration you choose, all Doughty Six Track kits are suitable for a wide variety of applications, both in-studio and on-stage. 

Walk-along system -  moving curtains by hand

The walk-along system consists of a basic stage curtain track operated by manually pulling the actual curtain cloth, usually the edge of the curtain. It allows you to walk with the curtain to the side or center of the stage for opening or closing it.

It offers ease of use without extra devices and is more economical than other options. 

In MTN Shop, this system is available with straight or curved tracks. Various lengths are supplied for different staging requirements.  

Line-operated system - operating with a hauling line 

In some situations, you may need the curtain to travel for a long distance and want a smoother opening and closing curtain movement. Line-operated system will be your wise choice. 

Instead of grasping and walking with the curtain, the operator will stay at one side of the stage and pull a cord to open and close the curtains. The benefit is a heavy curtain in a hard-to-reach place can be operated with ease. 

The line-operated system operates with an 8mm polyester hauling line. You can control the line either by hand with a pulley or with a wall-mounted/ floor-mounted Manual Track Drive. Doughty's Electric Track Drive Unit is also available for a motorised line-operated curtain track system.

Please download Doughty curtain track user manual to check the details on how to install your system properly.

Why Choose the Doughty Curtain Track System?

Doughty designed and produced the Six-Track system nearly two decades ago after much consultation with both end-users and stage curtain track installers. This diligence has resulted in a track system that avoids the problems of other types of track.

The Doughty track is made up of a tubular top hanger bar and rectangular section tube rails, finished in black powder coat. All track components are assembled using 5mm nuts and bolts. Since Doughty doesn’t use rivets in the manufacture of any Six Track components, you can modify sections or add pulleys without re-threading hauling lines. With their line of fully-adjustable brackets specially designed for Six Track, you can hang the curtain rack with ease.

FAQs by Entertainment Professionals

1. How do you hang stage curtain tracks?

Doughty Six Track can be mounted from a 48mm tube by an S-Shaped Barrel Bracket that has 2 ends - one to fit 25mm tube and the other one to fit 48mm tube.

  1. Attach the 25mm top tube of the rail to the smaller end of the barrel. (See the image below)
  2. Turn the wing nut of the bracket to ensure the track is secured in place
  3. Hang the whole unit (the track with the bracket) on the 48mm tube by the bracket
  4. Adjust the position of the unit
  5. Turn the wing nut of the bracket to secure the whole set onto the tube. 

The track can also be suspended from its top rail by an Adjustable Support Bracket and M12 Studding.

  1. Attach the U bolt of the bracket to the 25mm top tube of the rail sections
  2. Use 2 locknuts on the M12 Studding to mount the whole set from the suspension point. (See the image below)
  3. Adjust the height of the whole unit (up to 100mm of adjustment can be achieved) 

2. Can you join curtain track?

Yes. A spigot plate can be easily fitted between each track joint locating the top and bottom rails ensuring they are perfectly aligned to provide a smooth running stage curtain track system. 

3. Is there a compact curtain track choice?

Yes. Doughty rail is an Extruded Aluminium Walk-along Curtain Rail System. If the venue is short of space, this rail with a low-profile structure and compact rail brackets and accessories will be the best choice. It is usually used in smaller studios, drama studios, black box theatres, churches, schools, village halls and even pubs.

4. What kind of fabric is used for stage curtains?

Cotton, polyester and mohair stage curtains are the most traditional flame-retardant theatre drapes used on stages.

5. What are the curtains in a theatre called?

The front curtain, also called house curtain, act curtain, grand drape, main drape, main curtain, proscenium curtain, main rag or, in the UK, tabs, hangs downstage. This is the closed curtain seen by the audience before the show begins, again at intermission, and after the show ends.

6. Are drapes and curtains the same?

Although many people think curtains and drapes are interchangeable, there is a difference by definition and use. Curtains usually are a lighter fabric, thin or sheer. They are not lined and won't block out light. Drapes are made of heavy fabric and typically are lined. They are used for blocking out the light. Drapes are usually longer than the standard set of curtains.


You can find all Doughty Six Track components, as well as other necessary entertainment equipment at MTN SHOP. If you have any questions about Doughty curtain track or other types of rigging equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts.


Ron Rose is an owner of MTN SHOP & Mountain Productions and serves as the Global Managing Director. As MD, he has helped thousands of businesses to get their job done safely and effectively by offering useful and practical onsite safety knowledge.