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Womens Work Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets

Used together with knee pads, these womens work trousers with built-in knee pad pockets are designed for long-hour kneeling for many different trades. Simply slide them in the knee pockets from your work trousers for gardening, plumbing or painting to relieve/prevent knee pain and stop cold and damp getting through to your knees. The table below helps you choose the right knee pads and makes your garment a certified knee pad work trouser.

How To Pick The Correct Knee Pads?

4058 knee pads
4027 knee pads
4057 knee pads
Heavy-duty; Extended use Heavy-duty Heavy-duty Flexible & lightweight; Occasional use
Ideal for trousers with standard/wider fit or larger size Ideal for trousers with narrow fit or small size
N/A (Not compatible with kneepad pockets 4067) Also used with shorts (together with kneepad pockets 4067)
EN 14404 2004+A1 2010

This range also addresses problems that women often face when purchasing work trousers, as such all these products are tailored to the figure of a woman. We even have an Oeko-tex certified work clothing complete with Cordura reinforced pockets for improved wear resistance.