Yale RLSP Ratchet Load Binders

Product No. Yale RLSP-08-OO

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Ratchet Load Binders

Lashing capacity 4000 - 10600 daN. The load binder is a universal tool to restrain and secure loads and freight. Manual operation of the binder lever extends or retracts the threaded spindles. Tension is upheld by the self-locking threads. The load binder is fitted with shortening hooks for direct attachment to chains or with clevis ends for use with existing fastening devices.


Model WLL Fittings Chain Size Weight
RLSP-08-OO 4000 daN Clevis  8mm 3.6kg
RLSP-13-OO 10600 daN Clevis 13mm 3.8kg
RLSP-08-HH 4000 daN Hook 8mm 4.5kg

Credit: E-rigging (https://www.youtube.com/c/E-rigging/videos)

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