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Yale Pulley Blocks - Hinged, with Single Steel Sheave



Pulley Blocks

What is a pulley block?

A pulley block is a device that consists of a grooved wheel through which a rope can run and change the direction of the force needed to lift a load, resulting in increasing the mechanical advantage. Mechanical advantage is a measurement of how much a simple machine multiples a force. The bigger the mechanical advantage, the less force you need.

It is used wherever there is a need to lift or move a heavy load.

For the yale pulley blocks, one side is hinged and can be opened for easy and quick positioning of the wire rope on the sheave. It can also provide a quick and versatile rigging point or redirect a wire rope.

This Single Pulley Block comes with four capacities from 1000kg to 6400kg


  • Swinging the hook in the direction of pull securely locks the pulley block.
  • The high-quality cast steel sheaves have machined grooves and are fitted with Permaglide® bushes.
  • When choosing and classifying pulley blocks, take the “Principles for Rope Drives“ DIN 15020 into consideration.


  • Capacity: 1000 - 6400 kg
  • Rope Diameter: 7 - 18mm
  • Weight: 3.3 - 26.5 kg
    Please refer to the diagram for more details

    Shipping Rates

    Ireland & U.K. Rest of EU
    €0 - 150 €15 €17,35
    €150 - €250 Free €17,35
    €250 - €800 Free €32
    €800 - €2000 Free Free