• Pennine Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

Pennine Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

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Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 5L / 25L / 205L

Pennine medium biodegradable chainsaw oils are specially developed environmentally friendly chainsaw chain and cutter bar lubricants. Manufactured from vegetable-derived base oils and incorporating advanced additives to ensure good anti-corrosion and adhesion properties, they are 98% biodegradable and non-phytotoxic.

It can be applied to any chainsaw by hand or by auto-pump. The properties of these products are a great advantage in most chainsaw applications, particularly forestry and work near watercourses or environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Density @ 60ºF: 0.93 kg/m3
  • Pour Point: -25ºC
  • Viscosity @ 40ºC: 48ºC
  • Phytotoxicity Non Toxic
  • Biodegradability (CEC-L-33-A-94): 98%
  • Storage: Barrels of lubricant should always be stored in such a way that will prevent the ingress of water when stored in the open.

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