•  Zenith Safety Helmet with Visor & Ear Defenders (Black)
  •  Zenith Safety Helmet with Visor & Ear Defenders PL - Orange

Kask Zenith Safety Helmet with Visor & Ear Defenders PL

Product No. WHE00029-203

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Product details

Kask Zenith Hard Hat with Ear Defenders & Visor

100% designed and made in Italy, the multi-award-winning hard hat, Kask Zenith, is manufactured at the highest level of comfort, quality, and design. It is an all-star performer for workers who need extensive facial and ear protection, e.g Arborists, so it is also called 
"Zenith Chainsaw Helmet Comboⓘ".When using a chainsaw, injuries can be caused not only by the powerful chainsaw movement but also from flying debris, damaging noise levels and falling branches. A chainsaw helmet, unlike a standard hard hat, comes with visors and earmuffs and is specifically designed to protect the eyes, face, ears and head.

The helmet with 8 air intakes provides great breathability. The antibacterial inner padding prevents the development of unpleasant odours.

What's included in the Zenith Chainsaw Helmet Combo?

It includes Visor Adapter (#1), Visor Carrier (#2), Zenith Helmet PL (#3), Visor Peak (#4), Zen MM Metal Mesh Visor (#5), Hearing Protection SC2 - Yellow (#6). 

Visor adapter and carrier

1. Visor Adapter & 2. Visor Carrier

Zenith Helmet

3. Zenith Helmet PL (Orange/Black)

visor peak

4. Visor Peak

metal Mesh Visor

5. Metal Mesh Visor (Zen MM)


6. Hear Protection SC2 (Yellow)

Features of Kask Zenith Chainsaw Helmet

1.Visor Adapter
2.Visor Carrier
3.Zenith Helmet PL
4.Visor Peak
5.Metal Mesh Visor
6.Ear Protection SC2
7.Ring To Hook
8.Up & Down 2.0
9.Luminescent Lamp Clip
10.Reflective Stickers
11.Antibacterial & Washable Font Pad

Full Explanations:

Visor adapter and carrier: Connect the visor to the Zenith helmet
Zenith Helmet PL: A mountaineering helmet that can be secured in place in the event of a fall thanks to the high-strength chin strap
Visor Peak: Keeps rain and moisture from dripping on the inside of the visor

Metal Mesh Visor: A full facial mesh shield to protect a wearer from small to medium-sized debris while providing better breathability.
Ear Protection SC2: Suitable for environments with a medium to a high level of noise (dB) such as building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc.
Ring To Hook: Allows the chainsaw helmet to be secured to a harness when not in use
Up & Down 2.0 Technology: Allow for quick adjustment in width, height and tilt for a precise and comfortable fit around the back of the head with the help of a centre wheel and two side wings.
Luminescent Lamp Clip: Strong nylon external luminescent clips, compatible with all elastic band headlamps
Adhesive reflective stickers: For high visibility
Antibacterial, Removable & Washable Font Pad: Provides maximum breathability and optimum moisture absorption
Fast3Dry: High-tech 3D fabric that dries very quickly, dispersing moisture to the outside and leaving a fresh feeling for the wearer
E12492 Chin Strap: Designed to avoid skin irritation, the chinstrap in eco-leather is hypoallergenic and easy to wash for extreme comfort.


  • EXTERNAL SHELL: P.P. Polypropylene
  • INTERNAL SHELL: HD Polystyrene expanded
  • HEADBAND: Soft PA Nylon headband
  • SIZE: Universal-adjustable from 53 to 63 cm
  • WEIGHT: 400 g
  • STANDARD: EN 12492

Kask Hard Hat Accessories - Zenith Collection

The Zenith has a fantastic range of hard hat accessories including visors, earmuffs, neck shades, lamp clips and more. All the face protections can be easily mounted and interchanged with the innovative''Easy Click System''. Discover the full list of KASK Zenith accessories now.




  • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Clear
  • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Smoke
  • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Silver Mirror
  • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Clear Visor + Visor Adapter (See no. 4)

Kask Visor Mesh
  • KASK Zenith Visor (Plastic Mesh) - ZEN PM
  • KASK Zenith Visor (Metal Mesh) - ZEN MM
  • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Metal Mesh Visor + Visor Adapter (See no.4) + Visor Carrier (See no.6)

    Kask Visor Zenith
    • KASK Zenith Visor - Zen FF Clear Style
    • KASK Zenith Visor - Zen FF Smoke Style
    • KASK Zenith Visor Air - Zen FF Air Clear Style
    • KASK Zenith Visor Air - Zen FF Air Smoke Style
    • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Zen FF Clear Visor + Visor Adapter (See no.4) + Visor Carrier (See no.6)


    Kask Visor Zenith
    (To connect the visor to the Zenith helmet)

      Kask Carrier Zenith

      (To install Zen FF, Zen MM and Zen PM to the Zenith helmet)
        Kask Visor Peak Zenith
        (To keep rain from the visor Zen FF, Zen MM, and Zen PM)

          E A R M U F F S

          Kask Zenith Earmuffs
          • KASK Earmuffs - Low to Medium Level of Noise (Green)
          • KASK Earmuffs - Medium to High Level of Noise (Yellow)
          • KASK Earmuffs - Very High Level of Noise (Orange)
          Kask Zenith Earmuffs padding

            N E C K  S H A D E S

            Kask Zenith Neckshades
            • KASK Zenith Neckshades (Grey)
            • KASK Zenith Neckshades (Orange)

            L A M P  C L I P S


            Kask Zenith Lampclip


              O T H E R S


              Kask Zenith Padding



              Kask Zenith Winter Padding



              Kask Safety Helmet Bag


              Kask Zenith Helmet VS Kask Super Plasma Helmet

              Kask Zenith Helmet Accessories - Full Optional

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