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Kask Helmet Earmuffs [3 Levels]

WHP00004 (BEE)

Ear Protection Level
Need to add a pair of Earmuff Adapters to your order?

NOTE: You will need a pair of Earmuff Adapters to attach your Earmuffs to your Super Plasma/Plasma/HP Helmet.

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Kask Helmet Earmuffs - Extra Earmuff Adapter Required for Super Plasma / Plasma / HP Helmet Attachment

The green earmuffs (SC1) are used in general industrial work areas.
Suitable for situations with a low to medium noise level (dB) and with medium to high frequency.

The yellow earmuffs (SC2) are suitable for environments with a medium to a high level of noise (dB). The best choice in high-frequency noise situations. Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc. 

The Orange earmuffs (SC3) are indicated for use in low-frequency noise situations. Suitable for extremely noisy environments such as airports, car racing, while using pneumatic drills, etc. For any inquiries, please contact us via Chat.

  • Standards: CE EN 352 / ANSI S3.19 / CSA
  • Attachment to the helmet with a bayonet adapter
  • Universal 30 mm euro slot
  • Performance differentiated by colour
  • Smooth telescopic size regulation
  • Non-conductive
  • Certified for use with KASK helmets
  • Note: SC1, SC2 and SC3 Earmuffs require an adapter to attach to Super Plasma helmets, Plasma helmets and HP helmets. (Zenith helmets are already provided with integrated slots for earmuffs so no adapter is required for the Zenith)


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