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Yale Electric Chain Hoist 1000Kg, Single/Dual Speed (CPV/F) 4m/min

CPV 10-4 3


Electric Chain Hoist 1 Ton (Trolley or Suspension Lug)

Made in Germany | 2 Year Warranty | Lifetime Lubricated Gearbox | 3-Phase Hoist for Heavy-Duty Work

The electric hoist 1 Ton (Model CPV/F) combines modern design and technical innovation. The robust construction makes the series a versatile tool for professional applications, and offers the proven performance at much more compact dimensions

The service-friendly modular design enables easy access to all critical parts for time-saving maintenance and periodic inspections.

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With a double chain fall & lifting speed at 4m/min (main lift), this electric hoist 1 ton comes in 2 types of speeds.
- Single speed (CPV 10-4) : 4m/min
- Variable speed (CPVF 10-4) : 4m/min and 1m/min

User Manual - Brochure - CPV Electric Hoist Blog


  • Different suspension types available: Top hook (as standard), Suspension lug (as an option) and integrated trolley
  • Increased operating safety:
    - Through 42 V control voltage (low voltage control) and the main contactor
    - Overload protection by means of a slip clutch
    - Load to be safely held even in the event of power failure
  • Smooth service & enhanced lifetime:
    - Oil bath gearbox with helical gearing
    - A smooth run of the chain ensured by the chain guide
  • Easy maintenance & inspection:
    - Maintenance-free brake
    - Designed with a service-friendly modular structure with all critical parts easily accessible
  • Extra options & features for special working conditions
    e.g. stainless steel components, parts designed for holding stationary loads above persons, radio or cable controls, flexible chain containers, thermal sensors
  • Single and
    dual speedⓘDual speed hoists are ideal when more precise movements are required.
    hoisting available
  • 2-year warranty & a lifetime lubricated gearbox
  • Yale Product Family - Britain’s No. 1 Name for Lifting!
  • Motor

    • A ribbed aluminium motor housing in which the stator is pressed
    • IP55 protected motor with a high duty cycle
    • Air movement offered by the fan


    • Maintenance-free & features a pre-set gap
    • Easily accessible to inspect the gap during periodic maintenance
    • Holds a load safely even in the event of power failure

    Low Voltage

    • Equipped with the low voltage control 42 V as standard


    • The 5-pocket load sprocket, all-steel chain guide, micro switches and service-friendly cable routing.


    • End limit switches are bronze studs in the lower chain guide, which activate the well-protected micro-switches.


  • Hoisting Control: Low voltage control 42 V as standard
  • Power Source: 400V, 3-PHASE, 50HZ, ideal to lift heavy loads commonly required in most industrial facilities
  • Lifting Speed: 4 metres per minute (Single-speed model) / 4 metres per minute & 1 metre per minute (Dual-speed model) 
  • No. of Chain Fall: 2
  • Hoist Motor: 0.75kW (Single-speed model) / 0.75kW & 0.18kW (Dual-speed model) 
  • Chain Dimensions: 5 x 15.1mm
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