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MTN Introduces Stronghold by PSG - The First Tool Switching Tether System in the World

June 01, 2021

Safety harnesses, lanyards, hard hats – all necessary fall protection gear to keep you safe and secure from the challenges of working at height. While it is imperative, first and foremost, that you are securely strapped in when working at height, it is also vitally important that your tools are too. 

With the addition of Stronghold by PSG products to our site, tool tethering and the safety challenges that accompany it are no longer a concern. 

About Stronghold

Stronghold by PSG’s Quick-Switch® is the first tool switching tether system in the world. Featuring revolutionary technology, it is the only system of its kind that maintains 100% connection at all times, even during tool transfer. This multi-use tether system works as a wrist key system, a bungee key system as well as a retractable system, offering plenty of variety to users. 

To complement the Quick-Switch® tethering system, Stronghold by PSG also offers a huge range of attachment points, tool tethers, tool belts and much more. 

Quick-Switch® Starter Pack 

The Quick-Switch® Starter Pack - featuring 4 x Link and Docks, 1 x Bungee Tether and 1 x Wrist Cuff - includes everything needed to get started with the Quick-Switch® system. Through a combination of keys, links and anchors, the Quick-Switch® system allows you to switch tools from one location to another without leaving open the possibility for a drop. Keys allow for the use and manipulation of tools, links are the mechanism that allow for the switching of tool location, while anchors are the points that support the tool in the event of a drop. 

This Quick-Switch® system allows for hands-free tool switching up to a maximum tool weight of 2.7kg and ensures no more dangling tool tethers, reduced swing and snag hazard as well as reduced impact force in a drop.  

Quick Switch Starter Pack


Quick-Switch® Products - A Closer Look 

Quick-Switch® Link 

The Quick-Switch® Link is the part of the system that makes it all work. Each link is paired with each tool and provides the mechanism that allows for the switching of tools from one place to another without ever being untied. Each switch comes with a Quick-Switch® Dock and is tested to last for over 100,000 cycles. 

Quick Switch Link


Quick-Switch® Dock 

The Quick-Switch® Dock is the simplest anchor point for the Quick-Switch® system. Used on tool belts or other webbing style products, the Dock is tapered for easy alignment. 

Quick Switch Dock


Quick-Switch® Bungee Tether 

The Quick-Switch® Bungee Tether features a stainless-steel screw gate carabiner that unlocks the system for the use of bungee tether applications such as a belt or fixed structure.  

Quick Switch Bungee Tether


Quick-Switch® Wrist Cuff 

The Quick-Switch® Wrist Cuff features an ultra-durable Hook and Loop connection that unlocks the system for use on the wrist.  

Quick Switch Wrist Cuff


Shop the Full Range 

Drop prevention just reached a whole new level of safety with Stronghold. Shop the full collection now at MTN SHOP



Ron Rose is an owner of MTN SHOP & Mountain Productions and serves as the Global Managing Director. As MD, he has helped thousands of businesses to get their job done safely and effectively by offering useful and practical onsite safety knowledge.