Kask Super Plasma vs Petzl Vertex Vent

From warehouses to construction sites, wearing a safety helmet is becoming the norm for many workers around the UK. Kask and Petzl have proven to be the most popular brands, especially the Kask Super Plasma and Petzl Vertex Vent.

In this guide, we will explain the similarities and differences between both to make sure you understand which safety helmet is right for you to wear at work. If you're in a hurry, here is a comparison table for you.

Kask Super Plasma Petzl Vertex Vent
Weight 420g 490g
Head Circumference 51-62cm 53 – 63 cm
No of air intakes 10 12
Accessories Allows visor, earmuff, headlamp, nape protector etc to be attached Allows visor, earmuff, headlamp, nape protector etc to be attached
Colour Orange, White, Black, Red, Other Hi Vis Colours Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Other Hi Vis Colours
Chinstrap 1 Mode:
Resistance: > 50kg
2  Modes: 
Release: > 15kg < 25kg
Resistance: > 50kg
Standard(s) CE
EN 12492
✓EN 397:2012
EN 12492:2012
✓ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C
Uses Tower Climbing
Rope Access
High-rise Construction
Mountaineering, etc
✓Ground Work
Tower Climbing
Rope Access
High-rise Construction
Mountaineering, etc
Origin Italy France
Maximum Lifetime 10 Years 10 Years

 Fig.1 Kask Super Plasma vs Petzl Vertex Vent


Both of these helmets are very popular and for good reason. They both feature numerous air intakes for good ventilation and a tough shell to withstand impact from above and the sides, setting the bar in comfort and protection.

The comfort does not stop there. They both ensure a precise fit thanks to the adjustment wheels and the chin strap adjustors. Their chinstraps can also prevent uncomfortable irritation of the skin.

By offering multiple colours including hi-vis options, every worker can effectively identify the location of different parties in the workplace, improving work productivity and minimising confusion. 

You can also customise your safety helmet by attaching a visor, earmuffs, headlamp and so on to maximise work effectiveness and protection. To learn more, head over to our hard hat/helmet guide to read head protection integration in detail.


However, you may find yourself choosing one helmet over the other depending on the requirements of your work.

For example, a worker may prefer the Vertex Vent helmet if he/she has to work at height while also on the ground during the same day.

The Vertex Vent helmet's DUAL chinstrap allows the wearer to easily switch the chinstrap strength to offer suitable head protection in different work situations.

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

The unique feature of the Vertex Vent is its DUAL chinstrap, enabling the helmet to be used for Mountaineering (EN12492) and ground work (EN397). This is an ideal helmet for ground workers and at-height workers.

Its DUAL chinstrap allows a worker to adjust chinstrap strength (low strength or high strength) in order to adapt the helmet to different environments: at heights or on the ground. To change the chinstrap strength, you can switch the positions on the clip of the chinstrap based on your working environment. 

  • High strength (>50kg) required for EN12492 standard: involves higher impact tests and requires the chinstrap to keep a helmet on one’s head during a fall, limiting the risk of losing the helmet during a fall
  • Low strength (<25kg) required for EN397 standard: involves impact tests at low height and requires the chinstrap to release at a fairly low load, limiting the risk of strangulation if the helmet is snagged while the user is on the ground.

Kask Super Plasma Helmet

The Kask Super Plasma is a EN12492 mountaineering helmet for at-height workers. Thanks to its high-strength chin strap, this helmet will stay secured to your head during a fall.

Super Plasma helmets are extremely lightweight and are 15% lighter than their counterparts for all-day comfort.

What Professionals Say About Kask Super Plasma and Petzl Vertex

Climb Higher from the Arborist Site forum

Got a few Petzl Vertex Vent helmets recently. Light, vented, easy adjustment via thumb wheels. one size fits all which means its a bit bigger than needed shell than guys with small heads like me.

Also got a Kask Super Plasma. I like the ear muffs they sell that snap on, very good ones. Better chin strap and latch. Also, Kask adds bike helmet like styrofoam material between the cron of your head and the top of the helmet. No storage there but maybe better protection.

Chip Chomper from the Arborist Site forum

I've used Petzl Vertex Vent and Kask Super Plasma. My preference is for the Petzl because it is much easier to wash. The Kask grips my head better while climbing but the padding and velcro dots holding it on tear off when I tried to remove for cleaning.



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