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  • Yale Spring Balancers

Yale Spring Balancers YBA with Safety Features 9-70kg

Product No. YBA-15

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 Spring Balancers with Safety Features

Spring Balancers are designed to relieve the operator from the weight of hand-tools and achieve a comfortable and less fatigue operation.

By using a tapered rope drum the weight of the attached load is compensated, heavy objects can be moved effortlessly in a vertical axis. Common applications are spot-welding guns, riveting-machines, slaughterhouse equipment and multiple nut-runners etc

Yale spring balancers YBA have the same technical features as the YBF ones but are equipped with an additional safety feature in case of rope breakage.

This mechanism automatically locks the rope in case of accidental dislodging of the suspended weight, breakage of the bottom hook or the rope. Whipping of the rope and potential injuries to the operator or other personnel in the area is avoided. This range of Yale spring balancers is used primarily in areas in which higher safety standards are applied or adverse conditions are common (flying sparks etc.) which might cause damages to the rope.

This YBA series is available with standard and extended rope length.



  • Standard: In accordance with DIN 15112
  • Suspension Eyes: Equipped with additional suspension eyes for the attachment of secondary safety chains.
  • Easy exchange of wire rope: 
    A small slot in the body facilitates the removal and re-installation of the wire rope without any need to disassemble the unit.
    Downtimes during maintenance can be reduced significantly.
  • Manual drum-lock: For easy adjustment of the spring tension. The rope-drum can be locked manually for an easy exchange of the rope.


  • Capacity: 9 - 70kg
  • Working Range: 1.3 - 1.5m for standard model YBA or 2.3m for model YBA-L
  • Weight with Rope: 5.5 - 13.5kg for standard model YBA or 8.5 - 14kg for model YBA-L

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