Yale Fall Restraint Lanyards - 12mmRope (2m Max)

Product No. CMHLB100-20

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Fall Restraint Lanyard

In a Fall Restraint system, the non-shock absorbing Fall Restraint Lanyard prevents a user from getting close to the edge of the working platform, avoiding a fall.

It is connected between the user's harness to a reliable anchor point. The length of the lanyard is based on the distance between the attachment point and the roof edge. For situations where the distance to the edge varies, an adjustable lanyard is preferred.

Fall Restraint System

Yale believes in total commitment to safety awareness, resulting in a better working environment. It is dedicated to the understanding of customers’ needs at all levels and offers a broad range of equipment designed with the exact end-user requirements. Yale’s comprehensive range of safety products is manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation and meets all relevant European CE standards

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  • Types of Lanyards: Rope and Webbing (Twin-Tail ones are available) 
  • Diameter: 12mm (For Rope only)
  • Length: 1.5m and 2m
  • Standards: EN354 and EN355
  • End Fittings: Screw gate connectors and/or Scaffold hook


Fall Restraint

A fall restraint system is used to prevent a fall from happening. In this case, the fall restraint would typically be provided by a fixed-length lanyard and a body harness or body belt. The fall restraint lanyard without energy absorption is to prevent the person from reaching the leading edge.

Fall Restraint System

A fall restraint system should be the choice when the free fall distance is limited like low building height, vehicles, racking or machinery in or around the building reducing the available height to have the fall arrested safely.

Fall Arrest 

In a fall arrest situation, however, the fall has occurred already. A fall arrest system is used to stop a person from further falling and reaching the ground to minimize the impact on the body to a lower level. The fall arrest lanyard has energy absorption capability. 

Fall Arrest System

This system is usually applied when people are working near a fragile surface, narrow ledge or unusual building or roof shape and are using lanyards or a rope. There is a good chance of falling off or into the building. 

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