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Yale Fall Arrest Blocks - 4mmCable (6m-25m L)

Product No. CMHCR250v06-2

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Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks can also be known as retractable fall arrest blocks, fall arrest devices, fall arresters etc.

In the event of a fall, the braking mechanism on the drum holding the rope or webbing that is attached to the user's harness is engaged and arrests the fall. The working cable/webbing snap hook must be connected only to the frontal or dorsal attachment point of the full body harness that must conform to EN 361. 

The shape and construction of the anchor device/point shall not be allowed to self-acting disconnection of the equipment. It is recommended to use certified and marked structural anchor point complied with EN 795.

Fall Arrest Block Use

Yale believes in total commitment to safety awareness, resulting in a better working environment. It is dedicated to the understanding of customers’ needs at all levels and offers a broad range of equipment designed with the exact end-user requirements. Yale’s comprehensive range of safety products is manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation and meets all relevant European CE standards.

Yale webbing block is also available. Fast & International Delivery Now! For any inquiries, please contact us via Chat.


A. Regular Cable Block:

  • Plastic housing
  • Fitted as standard with fall indicator in connector
  • Made in EU
  • Length-Unit Weight: 6m-54kg / 10m-4.2kg / 12m-4.7kg / 15m-4.9kg / 20m-11.25kg / 25m-11.5kg
  • Diameter: 4mm
  • Material: Galvanised steel Cable
  • Connector: Aluminium Snap Hook with swivel function
  • WLL: 120kg
  • Standard: EN 360:2002
  • Certification: CE 0082

B. Retrieval Block (For fall arrest and rescue):

  • For lifting & lowering personnel only
  • Made in EU
  • Length: 25m
  • Diameter: 4.7mm
  • Material: Galvanised Steel Cable
  • Max. Rated Load: 100kgs
  • Min. Rated Load: 50kgs
  • Standards: EN 360:2002, EN1496 Class B
  • Certification: CE 0082

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