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Pennine Rust Guard (10, 20, 30 & 40)

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Pennine Machine Cleaner

Machine Cleaner is a highly versatile, solvent free, safe to use multipurpose cleaner/degreaser designed to effectively remove dirt, grease and grime accumulated on machine tool surfaces often caused by coolants, cutting oils, lube oils and general air born dirt. Pennine Machine Cleaner is an alkaline-based product that has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of modern machine shops and when used correctly, will not cause adverse effects on machining coolants.

Pennine Machine Cleaner offers extremely effective performance:


° Can be used neat or diluted up to 90% with water.

° Rapid removal of industrial dirt, grease and grime.

° Solvent free – pleasant to use.

° Easy to use:  1) Spray on   2) Allow to soak for 30 seconds    3) Wipe off

Available in 5 or 25 litre quantities

Suitable for Girling, Lockheed and other car and commercial vehicle brake and clutch systems


Pennine Machine Cleaner can be used to effectively clean most hard surfaces found on machine tools including: cabinets, guards, CNC doors & windows, chucks and tool holders. The product can also be used to remove stubborn dirt, grease and emulsified oils when cleaning machine tool sumps. Pennine Machine Cleaner also finds use for many other industrial applications including as a general cleaner/degreaser for worktops, benches, tools etc.

  • Water based low odour formulation offering an improved working environment compared to solvent based products

  • Can be used neat for arduous applications or diluted up to 90% with water for general cleaning

  • Suitable for general industrial cleaning operations on hard surfaces

  • Particularly suitable for cleaning CNC machine tool cabinets

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