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Guardian Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard


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Guardian Shock Absorbing Lanyard

This Fall Arrest Lanyard range provides the user with a single leg with an internal shock absorber and a wide variety of hook types. These high quality lanyards are ideal for all fall arrest scenarios. 2 lengths are available


  • Materials: Polyester, Galvanized Steel or Aluminium
  • Length: 1.4 and 1.8m adjustable webbing
  • Compliance: EN 361:2002 and EN 358:2018
  • End Fittings: Steel Scaffold Hook, Steel Snap Hook, Aluminium Scaffold Hook, Aluminium Karabiner, Aluminium Snap Hook
  • Maximum Lifespan: 10 years from the date of manufacture
  • Cleaning: Cleaned with plain water not exceeding 50°C or with a mild soap/water solution
  • Water-repellent webbing for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Designed, Tested, and Assembled in the United Kingdom

Difference between internal and external shock absorbing lanyard

The major difference between an internal and external shock absorbing lanyard is how you can see and inspect the method of deceleration.

The method of deceleration on an internal lanyard happens completely inside the outer layer. When inspecting an internal shock-absorbing lanyard, the lanyard displays an indicator that becomes legible once it has experienced a fall or forces similar to a fall.

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