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Doughty Heavy Duty G Clamp with Receiver



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 Heavy Duty G Clamps

What is a G Clamp?

A G-Clamp, or known as a C-Clamp, is a popular clamp with DIY enthusiasts. 
It usually comes in a range of sizes for different levels of duty in woodworking and metalworking. 

What is a G Clamp used for?

This piece of gear is used to clamp and secure a wood or metal workpiece to a bench. It helps to prevent any movement or separation during fitting, joining, gluing, or assembly. It is commonly used in carpentry and welding. 

Heavy Duty G Clamps from Doughty Engineering are British designed and manufactured. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

Technical Data Sheet


  • Heavy Duty G Clamps are fitted with dual position 29mm receiver
  • Modified jaws are able to hold flat surfaces or round bars.
  • A lynchpin is used for secondary locking.
  • Larger G Clamps are available to meet different applications.


  • Finish: Powder Coated Black
  • G Clamp Sizes & Weights:
    G1104: clamps 0 - 100mm & 1.28 kg
    G1106: clamps 0 - 150mm & 2.33 kg
    G1108: clamps 0 - 200mm & 2.87 kg
    G1110: clamps 0 - 250mm & 3.63 kg

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