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Doughty Bow Shackle - Screw Pin [Multi-Pack]


Screw Pin Size
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Bow Shackle-Screw Pin

Shackles are the most versatile rigging hardware providing a strong connection for multiple industries. Doughty Bow Shackle-Screw Pin or called screw pin anchor shackle is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. Note: The pin has to be tightened prior to each lift. This range is perfect for temporary lifting jobs or those that require frequent connects and disconnects e.g. stage. If a permanent installation is required, the screw pin type is not suitable.

These galvanized shackles also offer excellent protection from rust and corrosion, making it a budget and good quality choice. Unlike Chain Shackles, this range features a more generous loop that can be used in entertainment rigging applications to gather multiple sling legs or perform side-loading tasks with a required reduction in Working Load Limit (see the reference sheet below).

Multiple Bow Shackle Sizes for the silver pin and the green pin are available. 

Spec Sheet - Reduction in WLL Reference


  • Forged steel shackles with Grade 6 rating

  • Silver Pin - An economical range of galvanized shackles rated and marked with a Working Load Limit (WLL).

  • Green Pin - A range of galvanized shackles with an easily identifiable "Green Pin". These shackles are rated and marked with a WLL.


  • Standard: British Standard EN 13889, US Federal Specification RR-C-2718
  • Scew Pin Size / Mouth Width: 
    - 6mm/
    - 8mm/12mm
    - 10mm/13mm
    - 12.5mm/17mm
  • SWL:
    330kg for 6mm pin diameter
    - 500kg for 8mm pin diameter
    - 750kg for 10mm pin diameter
    - 1500kg for 12.5mm pin diameter 

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