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Doughty Barrel Strainers/Turnbuckles [Multi-Pack]

Product No. T37500-10

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Product details

Doughty Turnbuckles

What is a turnbuckle?

They are designed to provide a simple way to adjust the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems without adding undue stress onto the coupling eyes of the cable attachment. They come in a variety of types, sizes, and coatings to suit many suspending and tensioning applications.

What is a turnbuckle used for?

Turnbuckles can be used in numerous industries where require a great deal of tension. Some examples are as follow:

  • Entertainment industry

- Turnbuckles are used in nearly all entertainment rigging in theatres, live concert performances, film and TV, etc.
- They
 are commonly used to make small adjustments in line lengths, making a flown unit sit parallel to the stage.
- Also, to make very minor height or angle adjustments.

  • Sport: 
- To tension the ropes in wrestling rings and boxing rings
    • Construction

    - For tensioning a ship's rigging and lashing
    - To support a fence in a garden with small turnbuckles
    - To support high-rise buildings or in structures such as bridges with extremely large turnbuckles

    Different turnbuckle types are available at MTN SHOP EU - M8 and M10,  Hook-Eye and Eye-Eye. Note: They are not rated with an SWL. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

    Spec Sheet: T37500T37600T39500T39600

    Features & Specifications:

    • Material: Steel
    • Finish: Zinc Plated
    • Weight: See the individual spec sheet
    • SWL: See the individual spec sheet
    • Length: See the individual spec sheet

    Different Turnbuckle Types: Sizes

    Larger bolt size/thread diameter has a greater safe working load(SWL) than the smaller bolt size/thread diameters. When you compare M8 and M10 turnbuckles, you will see the difference between their SWL, i.e. M8 has a smaller SWL than M10. So, if you need a heavy-duty turnbuckle, the larger the bolt size, the better.

    Different Turnbuckle Types: Fittings

    Hook and Eye Turnbuckle
    As the name suggests, it features a hook on one end and an enclosed connector on the other. It is ideal to be used in the connections where there is a need for a quick attachment and where the anchor point does not easily slip out the opening of the hook.

    Eye to Eye Turnbuckle
    Featuring a ring/eye on both sides, it is used with components that can be opened and connect into the ring/eye fittings. Those components can be a shackle or quick link. It is preferable at areas where there is a possibility of the anchor point to slip out of an open hook.

    How to use a turnbuckle? 

    An example of connecting an eye-to-eye turnbuckle to a shackle

    1. Insert the eye into the open shackle
    2. Close the shackle so the eye is secured in place
      How to use a turnbuckle
    3. Do the same or similar approach on the other end 
    4. When the two eye fittings are locked, the turnbuckle can be tightened. You can use your hand or wrench to do that.  
    5. Place the claw of your wrench or apply the manual force(if using hands) in the middle part of the turnbuckle and then turn the body until the desired tension is reached.
      How to use a turnbuckle?

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