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DeWalt DCB116 XR FlexVolt Fast Charger 12V-54V

Product No. DEWDCB116

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DeWalt DCB116 XR FlexVolt Fast Charger 12V-54V


The DEWALT DCB116 XR FlexVolt Fast Charger is a versatile and user-friendly charger suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It has an improved state of charge indicator, screw head slots for wall mounting, and a latching mechanism for secure and easy charging. This charger can charge DeWalt batteries of different voltages, including 12V XR, 18V XR, and 54V XR Flex Volt batteries. It is sold as a single unit without batteries, and it is a reliable and efficient tool for keeping DeWalt batteries charged and ready to use.

  • Improved State of Charge Indicator: Features an improved state of charge indicator that gives users full control and understanding of the charge in hand, making it easy to monitor charging progress.
  • Convenient Storage: With screw head slots that enable wall mounting, this charger is designed for convenient storage, saving you the trouble of finding somewhere to store the charger and making it easy to access every time you need to use it.
  • Safe and Easy Charging: The latching mechanism of this charger holds the battery securely in place, ensuring safe and easy charging, making it an ideal option for both professional and DIY use.
  • Versatile Charging: It can charge a range of DeWalt batteries with different voltages, including 12V XR, 18V XR, and 54V XR Flex Volt batteries. This makes it a versatile tool for charging your DeWalt batteries.

The DEWALT DCB116 XR FlexVolt Fast Charger is an excellent option for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient charger for their DeWalt batteries.


DeWalt DCB116 XR FlexVolt Fast Charger Specification:

  • Charging Current (DCB546): 6.0 A
  • Charge time for 1.3Ah Battery: 22mins
  • Charge time for 1.5Ah Battery: 22mins
  • Charge time for 2Ah Battery: 30mins
  • Charge time for 3Ah Battery: 45mins
  • Charge time for 4Ah Battery: 45/60mins
  • Charge time for 5Ah Battery: 60/75mins
  • Charge time for 6Ah Battery: 80mins
  • Charge time for 9Ah Battery: 110mins
  • Charge time for 12Ah Battery: 150mins
  • Battery Compatibility: 12v XR / 18v XR / 18v-54v FLEXVOLT


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