• CM Series 622 Chain Bag - bracket

MTN CM Series 622 Manual Chain Hoist Bag

Product No. MP6225S

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We strive to develop and distribute products that solve a problem specifically and effectively. Mountain Productions’ softgoods shop designed the Series 622 Chain Bag to perfectly fit the shape of CM’s Series 622 Manual Chain Hoist. We’ve been domestically manufacturing chain bags for over 30 years at our own location, and have perfected the product in every way.

Our Series 622 chain bag features a custom bracket assembly that easily installs to the Series 622 chain hoist with a few nuts and bolts. Made from durable, high quality mesh, Mountain’s chain bags filter chain successfully and easily through a steel frame opening. You can trust in our chain bag designs, we’ve been using them ourselves for years!

This chain bag is to contain the Series 622 load chain only, not the hand chain drop. The hand chain drop is not intended to be stored in the chain bag.  


• Steel frame opening allows chain to easily enter and exit bag during usage

• Dual sewn edging helpes extend the life span of chain bag

• Reinforced nylon strapping strengthens bag to prevent chain blow-outs

• Flame retardant

• Designed for any application 

• Holds chain for any 622 hoist from 3.048M to 9.144M of lift

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