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Orange Hi Vis Trousers

[UK shipping £4.99] Our orange hi vis trousers, with many different sizes and styles, are the most popular hi vis clothing at MTN SHOP.

How Many Classes Of High Visibility Clothing Are There?

EN ISO 20471 includes 3 classes of hi vis clothing. We, at MTN SHOP, carry all these 3 classes of garments. The higher the class, the higher the crucial visibility.
Class 1: Fluorescent material on the garment: 0,14 m² & Reflective material: 0,10 m²
Class 2: Fluorescent material on the garment: 0,50 m² & Reflective material: 0,13 m²
Class 3: Fluorescent material on the garment: 0,80 m² & Reflective material: 0,20 m²
💡 TIPS: Each piece of clothing has its own rating and it is also possible to combine different garments to reach a higher rating. For example, combining a Class 2 Hi Vis Jacket with a Class 2 Hi Vis trousers can attain a Class 3 rating.

Orange Hi Vis VS. Yellow Hi Vis

We get this question a lot - yellow or orange? Although both orange and yellow hi-vis are deemed by health and safety experts to provide adequate visibility, orange ones are slightly more popular in the construction and utility industries.

The most obvious reason is that the colours yellow and green are used for train signalling, so wearing orange hi-vis trousers can avoid confusion. Another reason is that orange is a much better colour for improving visibility when working in an area with many trees, grass or plants. A worker wearing yellow high-visibility clothing will be more likely to blend into a green location.

Therefore, to make you easily detected at work, it is necessary to choose the right colours and ensure a high contrast against the ambient background found in the working environment. Need other colour options? Browse our Hi Vis Trousers