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Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers

[FREE UK Shipping over £100] We are proud to provide a range of Hi Vis waterproof trousers (from short-leg to long-leg). They're a must-have for many outdoor workers such as construction workers and off-road workers, providing high visibility and protection against water.

Our selection of contrasting colours such as yellow/navy, orange/green and red/navy allows you to have the right colour combination for your work requirements. By offering different classes of waterproofness, you will no longer be hesitant about the unstable weather conditions.

How Waterproof are they in each class?

According to EN 343, a garment and seams are tested and given a classification of either 1, 2 or 3. The higher the number, the higher the protective level.
Class 1: ≥ 800 mm
Class 2: ≥ 800 mm
Class 3: ≥ 1300 mm
For example, a class 3 trouser can endure a 1,300mm column of water bearing down on it before it starts to leak. Some of our hi vis waterproof work trousers have a 10,000/15,000mm rating. It means they are beyond what the standard defines as waterproof to ensure no water penetration for challenging conditions.

💡 TIPS: Blaklader has a simple rain fighter system for us to easily pick the right clothing against the rain.
• Level 1: Pliable and lightweight fabric for tough conditions
• Level 2: More durable garments throughout a tougher working day
• Level 3: Extremely durable fabrics for performing tasks in very tough environments

Is Class 3 Hi Vis Clothing the Best?

The higher the class number, the larger hi-vis area the garment has. Protective clothing certified according to EN 471/20471, with three classes, provides the wearer with different levels of visibility in situations under all lighting conditions during the day and under the illumination of vehicle headlights in the dark.

According to HSE, the darker the conditions or worksite, the greater the amount of HV clothing required:
Class 1: Fluorescent material : 0,14 m² & Reflective material : 0,10 m²
Class 2: Fluorescent material : 0,50 m² & Reflective material : 0,13 m²
Class 3: Fluorescent material : 0,80 m² & Reflective material : 0,20 m²


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