The Diverse Application & Uses of the Ronin Lift Power Ascender

In the world of vertical access, the Ronin Lift Power Ascender stands as a groundbreaking innovation, empowering individuals from diverse fields to ascend and descend ropes with unparalleled efficiency and safety. This Power Ascender comes equipped with a lightweight construction, bidirectional operation, seamless integration and various climbing systems that have transformed vertical access operations across a wide spectrum of industries and recreational activities.


What Industries Can Use A Ronin Lift Battery Powered Ascender?

  • Arboriculture
  • Construction
  • Exterior Access
  • Search & Rescue
  • Wind Energy


Ronin Lift Power Ascender for Arborists

Ronin Lift Powered Ascender for Arborists


Arborists constantly face the challenge of working safely and efficiently in the heights of towering trees. Traditional climbing methods can be physically demanding and time-consuming, while the risk of falls remains a constant concern. The Ronin Lift Power Ascender emerges as a transformative solution, empowering arborists to tackle tree care tasks with greater safety, productivity, and precision.


The Ronin Ascender’s lightweight and rugged design makes it easier than ever to get up into the canopy. With a safe max. working load of 181kg (400lbs), the Ronin Battery Powered Ascender can get you and your gear up the tree with ease. A hot-swappable battery also ensures that you never run out of power while ascending or winching. Battery power keeps this electric rope ascender quiet, environmentally friendly, and ready for all-day continuous use. No matter what your challenge is, the Ronin Lift is ready to make sure you complete any Arborist task quicker and safer.


Ronin Lift Power Ascender for Construction

Ronin Ascender for Construction


The Ronin Lift Battery-Powered Ascender’s lightweight and durable design means it’s the ideal tool for all-day winching or ascending. Save time and energy on the job site by using the Ronin Lift's 180kg lifting capacity to handle any heavy lifting task. With its mechanical advantages up to 3:1, it is possible to lift loads weighing up to 544kg. The Ronin Lift Ascender features two attachment points rated at 2,267kg, giving you the confidence you need in any rigging situation. The Ronin Lift also comes with a self-propelling mechanism that eliminates the strenuous exertion of manual climbing, allowing workers to focus on their tasks without compromising safety or productivity. Its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to manoeuvre through confined spaces, while its bidirectional operation facilitates both ascent and descent with equal ease.


Ronin Lift Power Ascender for Exterior Access

Ronin Lift for Exterior Access


Windy conditions and contours of buildings all have the potential to limit the access of scaffolding, bucket trucks, and scissor lifts. By incorporating the Ronin Power Ascender into your existing work processes or through the replacement of older equipment, users get complete freedom and efficiency to move quickly regardless of the conditions. The Ronin Lift can be used as a personal ascender or a winch from the top position to pull up equipment to an elevated position, perfect for applications such as building maintenance or window cleaning. It can also be used as your primary method of access, kept as a back-up for a rescue situation, or integrated with your current equipment. The Ronin Lift is IP54 water resistant, allowing users to safely work at height during adverse weather conditions.


Ronin Lift Power Ascender for Search & Rescue

Ladders, hand winches, and manual ascenders have all been utilised in search and rescue scenarios in the past. However, when every second counts, the Ronin Lift Battery Powered Ascender can provide a tremendous advantage in the way of speed, efficiency, and capacity. The Ronin Lift Ascender can be used as a battery powered winch or a personal ascender depending on what your rescue scenario entails. From extraction to helicopter operations, the Ronin Lift provides the flexibility and speed needed for critical SAR operations. This Battery Powered Electric Ascender can lift loads of up to 181kg or can be rigged utilising mechanical advantage for 2 person rescue.


Ronin Lift Power Ascender for Wind Energy

Ronin Ascender for Wind Energy Operations


Wind Energy is a booming industry that is struggling to quickly train the next generation of climbers as well as retain sufficient numbers of experienced climbers needed to maintain the rapidly growing infrastructure of the industry. The Ronin Lift Power Ascender can assist with keeping your good climbers climbing more efficiently which in turn leads to a reduction in injuries. The Ronin Lift can also help new climbers get acclimated quickly to keep up with the high demands of the job. From blade inspections and repairs to equipment hauling, the Ronin Lift will give your teams more versatility and access.


The Ronin Lift Ascender has become an essential tool for technicians tasked with inspecting and repairing wind towers. Its rugged construction and reliable performance can withstand the harsh conditions of wind turbine operations, while its bidirectional operation allows technicians to ascend and descend with ease. The ascender's variable speed control enables precise manoeuvring, while its hot-swappable battery feature eliminates downtime and ensures continuous work cycles.


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Ronin Lift Battery Powered Ascender

Ronin Lift Battery Powered Ascender


The Ronin Lift Ascender represents a significant leap forward in vertical access technology, empowering individuals from diverse fields that range from arboriculture, construction, exterior access, building maintenance, wind energy and search & rescue, to perform their work with greater efficiency, safety, and productivity. Its versatility and adaptability have transformed vertical access operations across a wide spectrum of industries and recreational activities, paving the way for a more efficient, safer, and more enjoyable future of vertical access.