The Benefits Of NLG Tool Lanyards

We're thrilled to add Never Let Go (also known as 'NLG') to our esteemed list of brands at MTN. NLG are tool tethering experts for those who take safety seriously when working at height. 

When individuals are working above ground level, such as on scaffolding, ladders, or elevated platforms, dropped tools can pose a significant safety hazard to both workers and bystanders below. Tool tethering helps mitigate this risk by ensuring that tools remain securely attached to the worker or to a fixed anchor point at all times.



Lanyards are an essential component of tool tethering systems and are designed to prevent dropped tools while working at height.

Some benefits of using NLG's range of Tool Lanyards as opposed to alternative tool tethering products include:


Prevention of Dropped Tools

Tool lanyards provide a secure tethering solution that prevents tools from being dropped when working at height. The retractable mechanism allows users to extend the length of the lanyard while using the tool and automatically retracts it when not in use, keeping the tool safely tethered at all times.


Minimised Tangling & Tripping Hazards

Unlike traditional static lanyards, retractable tool lanyards help minimize tangling and tripping hazards by automatically retracting excess slack when the tool is not in use. This feature promotes a safer work environment and reduces the risk of accidents caused by tangled or dangling lanyards.


Improved Mobility & Ergonomics

The retractable design of these lanyards allows for greater freedom of movement and flexibility while working at height. Users can easily extend the lanyard to use the tool and then retract it to keep it out of the way, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Adjustable Length

Retractable tool lanyards typically feature adjustable length settings, allowing users to customise the length of the tether according to their specific needs and working conditions. This adaptability ensures that the tool remains tethered securely while still providing enough slack for comfortable use.


Durable Construction

High-quality retractable tool lanyards are built to withstand the rigours of daily use in demanding work environments. They are constructed from durable materials and feature robust mechanisms that ensure reliable performance and long-term durability.


NLG's Range of Tool Lanyards, available at MTN SHOP


NLG Bungee Tool Lanyard

The Bungee Tool Lanyard is a highly versatile and durable tool lanyard that is one of our most popular for a reason. Featuring a durable easy stretch bungee, durable climbing cord loop and anti-tangle 360° Rotobiner™ it's an ideal option for hand tools. The convenience and durability of the self-retracting bungee webbing keeps the lanyard out of the way, ensuring it has minimal resistance to movement in the most gruelling reach work.


NLG Bungee Tool Lanyard (5-Pack)



NLG Lightweight Coil Tool Lanyard

The Lightweight Coil Tool Lanyard provides a secure solution for tethering small tools such as spanners and ratchets. Its compact coiled design and dual rotating connectors help avoid snagging and tangles whilst still allowing the user to access those hard to reach places. The low recoil force of the coil allows for effortless reach so that it can be used comfortably all day, whilst the anti-puncture wipe clean sleeve provides durability and makes it easy to remove dirt. The robust, rotating connectors have been designed so that they do not interfere with the operation of the spanner and prevent any tangling to make this the ideal scaffold spanner tool lanyard.


NLG Lightweight Coil Lanyard (10-Pack)


NLG Super Heavy Duty Webbing Tool Lanyard

The Super Heavy Duty Webbing Tool Lanyard has been expertly designed for the heaviest tools and with its extra reach it is ideal for working platforms. Featuring an automatic twist-lock carabiner to avoid accidental release and heavy-duty webbing, it ensures your tool is always secure at height. The twist-lock double-action carabiner is easy to operate even with gloves on and ensures that there can be no accidental release whilst in use. The loop end of this lanyard can be used to loop around the captive handle of a power tool, through a manufactured captive eye, or around a fixed object or beam.

This lanyard is made from flat webbing and has no stretch meaning that it is great for use within MEWPs or working platforms as it has no resistance when in use. The long length provides full freedom of movement and allows you to work in a large area without having to disconnect the tool or lanyard.


NLG Super Heavy Duty Webbing Lanyard (5-Pack)


 NLG Chainsaw Webbing Lanyard

The Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard is a simple and dependable solution for securing your chainsaw. Constructed from a tough wear-resistant soft-touch webbing and featuring a metal O ring for docking, this Webbing Chainsaw lanyard is designed to be easy to use and long lasting. The lay-flat loops on either end, ensure low-profile attachment points on the tool and harness for safety and comfort in use. Additionally, the lanyard features a metal O ring for easy storage and docking of your chainsaw when not in use. This Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard truly is an ideal option for those looking for a lanyard that perfectly balances value and performance.


NLG Chainsaw Webbing Lanyard (5-Pack)


  NLG tool lanyards offer a myriad of benefits that enhance both workplace safety and efficiency. By securely tethering tools to workers, NLG lanyards significantly reduce the risk of dropped object accidents, protecting both personnel and valuable equipment. Furthermore, these lanyards promote organisation and accessibility, ensuring that essential tools are always within reach, thereby streamlining workflows and minimising downtime.