Protect Your Ears With KASK Earmuffs

Protect Your Ears With KASK Earmuffs


Your ears are precious sensory organs that allow you to experience the world around you through hearing. However, exposure to excessive noise can pose a significant risk to your hearing. That's where KASK Earmuffs come to the rescue! Wearing earmuffs is vital for protecting your hearing when you're in noisy environments. Therefore, it's essential to take proper precautions.


KASK offers three levels of earmuffs based on various noise levels and your individual needs. All KASK Earmuffs are compatible with KASK Helmets.


 Level 1 Earmuffs: SC1

Level 1 Earmuffs are ideal for use in construction sites, workshops, or manufacturing facilities with moderately loud noise levels. They have a Noise Reduction Rating of 22dB.


 Level 2 Earmuffs: SC2


Level 2 Earmuffs offer a higher level of protection than the Level 1 Earmuffs. They are ideal for use in industries such as mining, airports or heavy machinery operations where noise levels can become hazardous. The Level 2 Earmuffs have a noise reduction rate of 24dB.


 Level 3 Earmuffs: SC3


KASK’s Level 3 Earmuffs offer the highest protection with an impressive noise reduction rate of 27dB. They are best suited for use in industries that involve aviation, shooting ranges, or any environment with exceptionally high noise levels.


Why You Should Wear KASK Earmuffs


Effective Noise Reduction:

With 3 different levels of ear protection to suit your individual needs and preferences, KASK Earmuffs are a must have in industries such as construction, mining or aviation. They reduce the intensity of sound, providing an effective barrier that shields your ears from harmful noises.


Comfort and Convenience:

KASK Earmuffs come with adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups that ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This allows you to wear the earmuffs comfortably for extended periods of time, convenient for intermittent use throughout the day, combining comfort with protection.



KASK Earmuffs can cater to those in a variety of noise environments with its 3 different levels of noise protection. Whether you are working in a construction zone, operating heavy machinery or participating in shooting sports, KASK has an earmuff that will suit you!


Enhanced Concentration and Productivity:

Excessive noise not only is harmful to your ears, but to your overall well-being and productivity. Constant exposure to loud sounds can lead to fatigue, stress and difficulties in concentrating on tasks. Wearing KASK Earmuffs creates a quieter, more focused atmosphere that allows for better concentration and increased well-being and productivity.


KASK Earmuffs are an essential part to your well-being and productivity in industrial settings. Combining comfort and safety, KASK Earmuffs are a simple yet effective tool in any loud environment to enjoy the world of sound with peace of mind. For more information, please visit our website MTN SHOP.