7 Cutting-edge Powered Saw Brands for Your Next DIY Project

A good powered saw is one of the most essential tools you should have in your workshop when it comes to DIY tasks. A powered saw can help quickly cut through various materials, from wood and metal to tile and concrete.

In this article, we'll delve into the primary purveyors of cutting-edge-powered saw brands alongside the diverse types of powered saws to aid you in selecting the optimal tool for your upcoming project.

FlexVolt Slide Mitre Saw

FlexVolt Slide Mitre Saw

Types of Powered Saws

Most utilized power tools include the circular saw, jigsaw, reciprocating saw and miter saw – each with its separate utility. Let us dig deep into how they perform and their purpose;

1. Circular saws

The circular saw is the most common and versatile of all power tools. It cuts on non-abrasive materials including metal, wood, and plastic are no match for this powerful cutting tool, which can effortlessly slice through them all. 

Circular saws come in various sizes and shapes. The most frequent variety is the portable circular saw. It resembles a giant penknife with a blade attached to the end. The other type of circular saw is the benchtop or stationary circular saw that stands on its own base.

The main advantage of using a circular saw is its portability. As you move about your workshop, this handy appliance can be brought along to suit the situation at hand. Your preferred model will depend on your intended application and its physical size, which determines usage frequency and transportation distance.

2. Jigsaws

Jigsaws are powered saws with a heavy-duty motor designed for general use in the workshop. These saws have many applications and can be used for many tasks.

This model becomes an essential task for individuals seeking a jigsaw that wields enough leverage to slice through substantial timber pieces. 

Alternatively, compact alternatives can cater to carpentry that necessitates smaller derivatives such as minor woodworking or metalwork cuts. Such petite mechanisms are suitable for DIY projects unwilling to amplify their outlay on gear.

3. Reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saw


A reciprocating saw is a type of power saw that has two handles. One handle moves the blade and the other handle controls the speed of the edge. The reciprocating saw type has existed for many years and is still popular today.

The capacity of a reciprocating saw to cut through wood rapidly and efficiently is its greatest advantage. These tools are also great for cutting through metal because they're made to withstand high temperatures.

Because reciprocating saws are so versatile, many different types are available. Some examples include:

  1.  Corded Reciprocating Saw - This type of saw uses an electrical cord so you can use it anywhere without worrying about running out of juice. Models with cords typically last longer than those without, but they do require constant recharging to function correctly.
  2. Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw - For those who prefer to avoid cords and have limitless control over their handheld tools' movements while carrying out tasks at home. 

Such Lithium-Ion replacement batteries come in different sizes such as 18 volts and up to even 20 volts subjected squarely towards matching appropriate amounts based on project requirements with simple equipment conveniences.

4. Battery-Powered Circular Saws

Battery-powered circular saws are becoming increasingly popular among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. These cordless saws make them highly portable and convenient to use. They are also lighter than standard corded saws, making them easier to operate.

One of the top brands in the battery-powered circular saw market is DeWalt. DeWalt is known for producing high-quality power tools that are designed to last. Their battery-powered circular saws are no exception. These saws are designed to be highly portable and convenient. 

 Battery-Powered Circular Saws

 Circular Saw 

5. Cordless Power Saws

Cordless power saws are another popular option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. These cordless saws make them highly portable and convenient to use. They are additionally lighter than conventional corded saws, making them easier to operate.


Cordless power saws are great for those who want more control over the job site but don’t want the hassle of charging a corded saw. These gadgets free you from the constraints of being linked to an outlet or a battery pack. These tools are suitable for cutting wood and a variety of other materials, and metal, tile, and stone. 

Here are two main types of cordless power saws: battery-powered and corded.

  • Battery-powered models have an internal battery and charge from it when mains electricity is present. They have no internal mechanism that needs regular maintenance and doesn’t require any external power source like a charger or gas generator to operate them.
  •  Corded models have an internal battery that powers the motor when mains electricity is present; however, they still need to be charged using an external charger or by using electricity generated by a generator. 

One of the top brands in the cordless power saw market is Bosch. Their cordless power saws are no exception. These saws are designed to be highly portable and convenient, 

6. Battery-Powered Chain Saws

With a battery-powered chain saw, you can use the power of your own body to complete the task. Battery-powered chain saws offer all the benefits of gas-powered models but with the added convenience of storing them in your workshop. They're also incredibly quiet and safe around people, animals, and children.

One of the popular brands of the battery-powered chain saw is the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw. This saw is designed for heavy-duty cutting jobs and features a 12-inch bar and chain. Ideal for situations that demand the cutting of hard-to-manoeuvre materials, this tool features a brushless motor that improves its overall power and efficiency.

7. Hand Power Saws

Hand-power saws are the most basic type of powered saws available. Their lightweight build and effortless operation make them a top choice for tackling minor residential projects. Many different types of hand power saws are available, each designed for a specific type of cutting. Here are a few other popular options:

  • Table Saw
  • Table Saw


    The table saw is a great all-purpose tool that can be used in many ways. It can be used to make significant cuts, as well as small and intricate ones. With a table saw you can make all sorts of projects, from furniture to architectural elements.

    The most significant advantage of using a table saw is that it allows for an extremely large workpiece to be cut at once. You won’t have to spend hours working on one project when you could have made dozens instead. 

    When looking for a table saw, there are certain elements you need to contemplate in creating an ideal selection that will meet all your needs effectively. Besides comparing different types available in the market, assessing various distinctive features unique to each model becomes imperative in ensuring sound purchasing decisions are made carefully.

  • Band saw
  • The band saw is the most popular tool for woodworkers, but it’s also one of your workshop's most versatile and accurate tools.

    The band saws blade is more comprehensive than a table saw, so it can be used to cut through more significant pieces of wood without moving from your workstation. You can even use the band saw to cut complex shapes such as pie wedges and scrollwork with a few adjustments and some practice.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Powered Saw

    There are some aspects to consider when selecting the best-powered saw for your next DIY project. Here they are;

    1. Power and Motor Quality

    You’ll first want to look at each saw's power and motor quality. A good quality saw will have a powerful motor that can handle the weight of the blade safely. This means less strain on your back and arms as you work.

    Blade Size

    Another important consideration is the size of each blade. Smaller blades cut faster than larger blades, but larger blades cut deeper into the wood. This may be an essential consideration when deciding which type of saw to buy for specific applications, such as cutting off huge pieces of plywood or hardwood.

    Battery Life

    Most powered saws come with rechargeable batteries and chargers, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them regularly. If you plan on using your saw often, ensure it has at least two batteries so that you don’t have to wait long between charges when working on large projects.

    Final Verdict

    Choosing the right power saw for your next DIY project can be daunting. Many options exist for finding a suitable cutting tool, and determining where to begin this search may prove a hard nut to crack.

    You should conduct a comprehensive evaluation of vying brands and models  to determine the most appropriate type of saw for optimal project success. It is critical to factor in specific features alongside suggested benefits while shopping within today's market.

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