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Yale Valves and Pressure Switch



Yale Valves and Pressure Switch

VSM safety-check valves :
These safety-check valves are used for those applications where pressure drops (eg holding of a raised load) must be avoided.

VHM throttle-/Shut off valves :
These valves are used to shut-off hydraulic lines especially in multiple cylinder systems. The needle valve VHM-1 also allows you to throttle an oil flow especially within lifting applications

VPR external pressure relief valves :
Pressure relief valves are used when the system pressure (force of the connected hydraulic cylinder) should not exceed a certain value.

VPS pressure switch:
This precision adjustable pressure switch can be set to any pressure value between 5 and 700 bar by means of a screwed adjuster. When the preset pressure value is reached, an electrical contact is activated. For use with electrically operating directional control valve.

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