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Yale Universal Hydraulic Bottle Jacks JH 2,000-50,000 KG


Capacity t

Yale Hydraulic Bottle Jack, a Universal Lifting Jack

Capacity 2 - 50 t

The JH series lifting jacks offers a compact and extremely robust tool for lifting and supporting in a range of applications both horizontally and vertically.

This selection offers a large base plate for extra stability whilst in operation, in addition to the large base, the grooved saddle gives additional grip while in use to reduce movement and slipping.

Yale Hydraulic Bottle jacks supply high forces for general operations like lifting, pushing, moving, supporting all kind of loads. 

User Manual


  • Robust, long-life design.
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Precise controlled lowering.
  • Additional screw extension of the piston (up to 20 t).
  • Grooved saddle.
  • Large base plates for increased stability.
  • Model JH-50-2 with a two-stage pump.
  • Incl. operating lever.


  • Capacity: 2t- 50t
  • Stroke: 115mm - 178mm
  • Base Plate: 90 x 95mm to 255 x 190mm
  • Weight: 2.7 - 53kg


    To lift a load:

    1. Turn the release valve [positioned at the front of the jack] clockwise to the closed position with the operation lever. The relief valve should be hand-tight only.
    2. Position the jack under the load, e.g. a car.
    3. Adjust screw extension to eliminate space between the jack and the load.
    4. Position the lever in the pump socket
    5. Begin pumping to raise the load to the desired position

     To lower a load:

    1. Before lowering a load, ensure that all personell are clear of the load.
    2. Turn the valve anticlockwise slowly to open it using the operating lever to lower the load

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