• Fall Arrest Lanyard
  • Fall Arrest Lanyard

Checkmate Twin Leg Rope Absorber Lanyard

Product No. RALT-1.5A

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Product details

It is a fixed-length kernmantle fibre fall arrest rope lanyard available in lengths between 1m and 2m with single or twin leg options to offer 100% tie off when moving around structures.

This double fall arrest lanyard, or called twin-legged lanyard, has 2 tails and 1 shock pack. It allows users to keep one leg attached to an anchor while they can disconnect the other leg to another anchor. This means that the user is constantly attached to the structure.


  • SHOCK PACK - Tear webbing shock absorber - Maximum tear out 1.75 metres. Shock pack consists of polyester tear webbing (white) and a length of backup webbing (black).
  • WEAR SLEEVES - Additional strength and resilience is added to any potential wear and stress points.
  • CONNECTING RING - Connectivity between soft components is achieved via an aluminium ring.
  • CONNECTING RING - Twin leg variants also connect to the shock pack via an aluminium ring.
  • RAL ADJUSTABLE - With the addition of an adjustable slider the RAL lanyard can be shortened to the user’s requirements.
  • LABEL ID - Lanyard details can be easily found on the label, which is protected by a velcro pouch.
  • OVAL RAPIDE LINK - Connectivity to harness via an oval rapide link as standard.



  • Rope - 11mm Kernmantle EN-1891 Type A
  • Style - Twin-tail/twin-legged/double lanyard
  • Rope strength - 22kN - minimum breaking load
  • Maximum Length - 2 metres
  • Maximum Arresting Force - 6.0kN
  • Average Arresting Force - 4.5kN
  • User Weight  - 100kg maximum (150kg rated variants also available)
  • Standard - EN 354 & EN 355
  • Note – Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard.



Can you connect two lanyards together?
Connecting 2 single lanyards to a harness attachment point can be dangerous. If each lanyard has a separate energy absorber, a fall on both absorbers at the same time (in ‘parallel’) will result in a doubling of forces applied to the user. To avoid this risk, a twin-tailed or double lanyard with one single shock absorber is commonly used.

Which harness attachment points can be used with a double fall arrest lanyard?
While the 2 tails of a double fall arrest lanyard are connected to anchorage points, the energy absorber is attached to a fall arrest point, marked with an "A". A full-body fall arrest harness normally includes a rear D-ring for fall arrest; some also include a front fall arrest attachment point. Manufacturers should clearly state all applicable points for fall arrest.

What does a shock-absorbing double lanyard work?
The unique feature of a shock-absorbing lanyard is that it has a built-in shock pack. When a significant, sustained dynamic force is applied to the lanyard such as in a fall, the pack expands to absorb the kinetic energy that is created by a body in freefall. A double lanyard is usually preferred as it is constantly attached to the structure.

Without a shock absorber, the forces created in freefall will severely injure the worker and more than likely result in a fatality.

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