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Altair 5033 WBP212HD Wireless Intercom Beltpack Extreme - 2ch

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Altair 5033 WBP212HD Wireless Intercom Beltpack Extreme - 2ch


The Altair 5033 WBP212HD is a wireless intercom beltpack with 2 channels. The beltpack comes with a fitted standard 4pin XLR and a mini 4pin XLR.

WBP-212HD & WBP-210HD are ALTAIR´s most complete and resistant wireless beltpacks. These models were designed to become the best allies for the audio, lighting and video professionals working on high demanding applications, such as music festivals, TV ENG, open cinema shots, etc.

Both models can be combined with any ALTAIR wireless beltpack, keeping always in mind the maximum number of beltpacks allowed by the base station.

The whole EXTREME Series has just been redesigned to implement the brand-new Wideband audio, meaning a great improvement of the audio quality in the intercom line.

ALTAIR´s new WBP-212HD dual channel "manager" beltpack has been deliberately designed to ease the use in stress conditions: standard size 4P XLR headset connector for higher durability and easier compatibility, long life Li-Ion battery, secondary battery compartment (allows some additional operating time when main battery is depleted), "keyboard lock" function to prevent undesired operations, bigger illuminated switch buttons, illuminated colour screen, etc.

This dual channel beltpack allows independent or simultaneously communication with two separate intercom channels (A/B), being perfect for stage managers, team leaders, etc. Please note that a maximum of two dual channel wireless beltpacks can be connected to one dual channel wireless base station (WBS-202HD or WBS-202). Furthermore, the two dual channel beltpacks must be connected to different RADIO links (one to RADIO 1 and one to RADIO 2).

As a novelty, EXTREME Series beltpacks are now equiped with a built-in Bluetooth interface, allowing the use of "BT" headsets.

TWIN MODE operation allows the use of two EXTREME beltpacks without the need for a base station, increasing the options for the owner.

Other general specifications are shared with Compact Series beltpacks (WBP-200HD/202HD): internal dual Diversity antennas, high listening level, range, etc. 


  • Range: Typical 50 to 350 m around base station.
  • Battery life, estimated: 15 hours in full Duplex mode. / 75 hours in Call receive mode.
  • Wideband Audio: 100Hz - 7kHz when used along with ALTAIR "HD" base stations.
  • Battery type: Li-Ion.
  • Charger: External case/wall mounting charger allowing 4 beltpack charging.
  • Headset connector: 4 pin mini XLR. / 4 pin standard XLR.
  • Headset type: Selectable, dynamic or electret.
  • Call system:Light, Vibration and Buzzer.
  • Dimensions/weight:145x95x35 mm / 300 gr.


• Brand: Altair
• Product Type: Comms Belt Packs
• Wired/Wireless: Wireless

HEADSETS: Compatible with any ALTAIR headset, including "in-ear" and lightweight models.
BASE STATIONS: WBP-212HD is compatible with the following ALTAIR base stations: WBS-200HD, WBS-202HD & WBS-202.


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