Xenon Fever Defence Thermal Scanner

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Xenon Fever Defence Thermal Scanner - Temperature Screening Unit

✔ Currently used in many businesses  ✔ Available in stock  ✔ Fast Shipping

To keep your staff and customers safe, the Xenon Fever Defence is a standalone temperature screening solution that is easy to install and simple to operate without an Internet connection.

Users are screened in less than 1 second without the need for a face covering to be removed, avoiding congestion at the entrance. When a user with an elevated temperature is screened, a red light is visible, an audible message is delivered and a warning alarm sounds.  

The device has been installed at firms across numerous industries ranging from construction sites and offices to retail and childcare settings in the EU and US markets.

Why Choose Xenon Fever Defence?

Quick Facial Temperature Scanning

High Temperature Measurement Accuracy

Easy & Quick Installation

Compact & Lightweight

Wide Measurement Distance Range

See Xenon Fever Defence in Action

Cutting Edge Temperature Screening Technology

With industry-leading features & benefits

Fast screening

• Powered by advanced thermal imaging & AI technology
• Clear audible instructions and a sleek LCD interface for easy screening
• No need to remove facemasks
• Adjustable display unit to fit different heights


• A red & green light stop-go system
• Green: A normal temperature measurement permitting safe entry
• Red: A potential fever temperature detected, politely warning the user not to enter the building with an audible message.


• An easily assembled standalone solution with <15 mins to install
• A plug-and-play device: Only a power outlet at the installation spot needed

Secure Data

• A range of data storage options
• e.g. 'Full Privacy Mode'': No records are stored. ''Auto-Delete Mode'': Records are deleted after a set number of days.


• A cloud dashboard for users to monitor temperature-screening activities 
• Hoisted on secure AWS servers to protect data with high-grade encryption

Unbox Your Xenon Fever Defence & Feel Its Power

Box Content & Specifications

Measurement distance: 30-80cm
White balance: Automatic
• Size: 8.0 inch IPS LCD Screen
• Resolution: 800*1280

• CPU: RK3288 Quad-core, RAM 2G, main frequency is up to 1.8GHz
Load memory: EMMC 4GB
• 1-Year Warranty
Network Module: Support Ethernet, wireless (WIFI) Audio Support for 2.5w /4R speakers
USB Ports: USB 2.0 x 2
Power Supply: DC12V(±10%)
Power Consumption: 13.5W (Max)
Head Unit Dimensions: 260.18 x 132.88 x 61.7(mm)
Height Included Stand: 1480 (mm)
Weight: 11.9kg


Made with Your Safety in Mind

Perfect for use in a range of workplace spaces including offices, retail stores, construction site, hotels, childcare centres and clinics

What professionals think about it

Trusted by people from different industries



Schools are among top groups introducing Temperature testing


Xenon secures €1m investment for fever detection device


Xenon Fever Defence feature on Virgin Media

Useful ''How-To'' Resources

1. Connect Xenon to Online Portal 
2. Add users on Xenon Online Portal
3. Set Up Privacy mode on Xenon (No data stored)

Xenon Fever Defence Thermal Scanner FAQs

Xenon Fever Defence is not a medical device and should be only used for primary screening of potential fever symptoms.

The device does not require wifi or internet connection to allow its fever testing functionality

Xenon and MTN SHOP are advising that GDPR signage should be included at the installation location. The signage should include information such as what the device is used for, what information has been recorded and who users should contact if they want to get their information removed from the device.

In order to comply with GDPR and privacy laws, Xenon Fever Defence currently doesn not have an email option. However, the manufacturer may work on something else in the future.

Xenon Fever Defence is built on an android platform allowing potential integration with a variety of different access control and security systems. The current version of the software however is not integrated with any existing systems.

Online and phone customer support will be provided to customers between Monday to Friday in normal business hours.

It comes with a 1-Year product warranty.

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