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Crosby Screw Pin Shackle


Screw Pin Size

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Crosby Screw Pin Shackle

Shackles are the most versatile rigging hardware providing a strong connection for multiple industries. Crosby Screw Pin Shackle design makes for easy assembly and disassembly. Note: The pin has to be tightened prior to each lift.

Screw Pin Shackle is perfect for temporary lifting jobs or those that require frequent connects and disconnects. Unlike Round Pin Shackles, this range can be used in entertainment rigging applications to gather multiple sling legs or perform side-loading tasks with a required reduction in Working Load Limit. 

Spec Sheet - Reduction in WLL Reference


  • Forged steel shackles with Grade 6 rating

  • Red Pin (Crosby) - A range of forged shackles that have been quenched and tempered to give strength and resilience, to meet the requirements of USA Federal Specifications with the WLL permanently shown on every shackle. [Look out for the Red Pin, the mark of Crosby quality].


  • Standard: British Standard EN 13889, US Federal Specification RR-C-2718
  • Scew Pin Size / Mouth Width: 6mm/9.5mm, 8mm/12mm, 10mm/13mm & 12.5mm/17mm

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