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PHC Plastic Swivel Holster


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PHC Plastic Swivel Holster

The PHC Plastic Swivel Holster has an innovative design that comfortably clips onto belts, pants or pockets and acts as an additional safety measure following each use. If left exposed, the holster automatically retracts the blade as soon as the PHC Safety Cutter is placed into the holster to prevent potential injuries. This durable plastic holster rotates 360 degrees and helps employees to retain cutters while increasing productivity and safety. Users of this holster have also observed noticeable increases in cutter retention and reported substantial reductions in replacement costs when utilised in combination with the corresponding PHC Safety Cutter and CL-36 LanyardThis PHC Swivel Holster is specifically designed for the S8 Safety Cutter.

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Overall Length: 12.07 cm
Overall Width: 5.08 cm
Overall Height: 4.45 cm
Holster Material: Plastic
Corresponding Cutters: S8

Blade Replaceable: No
Disposable: No
Clip-On: Yes
Lanyard Capable: Yes
Metal Detectable: No
Integrated Film Cutter: No
NSF Certified / Food Safe: No



  • Durable Plastic Swivel Holster rotates 360 degrees
  • The UKH-594 Holster is specially designed for the S8 Safety Cutter
  • Built in notch automatically retracts blade when cutter is holstered
  • Clips on to belt, pants or pocket
  • PBD-SP017B fits to the front for additional blade storage
  • CL-36 Coil Lanyard clips into holster (purchased separately)

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