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Pfaff-Steel Jacks with Adjustable Lifting Claw 1500-10,000KG



Steel Jacks with/without Adjustable Lifting Claw

Steel jacks are traditional hoisting equipment for universal application in the forest and agricultural sector, in the industrial sector for assembly activities and many other fields of application.

Steel jacks with adjustable lifting claw designed for use in confined or tight areas. High-quality spur gear and robust steel housing offer long service life. The crank handle – in different executions – moves the jackshaft at the rack. The toe height of the claw can be adjusted to the required mounting or maintenance application. Reliability and long service life can be guaranteed by the high-quality spur gear and precision machined wear-resistant rack.

As someone so experienced in the manufacture of steel jacks, quality can only be expected!

Pfaff steel jacks are supplied with SIKU braked safety crank fitted as standard. SIFEKU and RAKU cranks are available on request.



  • Safety ratchet crank (SIKU): This crank is used with a double-acting pawl assembly and is suitable for indoor applications. The crank is of cast steel with folding handle and incorporates two conical nylon or brass brake discs, dependant on duty, which act as a friction brake.
  • Robust base plate for a high level of stability
  • The robust steel design and a toothed rack of solid material increase the service life of the jack.
  • Low wear owing to hardened gearing parts and precisely machined teething.
  • The precisely machined gears with a high degree of efficiency guarantees low crank forces.
  • The load is supported either on the claw or the head of the steel jack.

FOR Adjustable one:

  • Allows for loads to be picked up and lowered from a different height over the entire length of the steel jack
  • The adjustable claw is simply set to the appropriate application height in the load bar for this purpose


    Shipping Rates

    Ireland & U.K. Rest of EU
    €0 - 150 €15 €17,35
    €150 - €250 Free €17,35
    €250 - €800 Free €32
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