• Pennine Ultracomp H2000 Compressor Oil

Pennine Ultracomp H2000 Compressor Oil

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Ultracomp H2000 Compressor Oil

Pennine Ultracomp H2000 compressor oils are formulated from highly refined virgin mineral base oils and incorporate an ashless additive system to give improved anti-wear, anti oxidization, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties.

These products exhibit high oxidation stability coupled with the low carbon forming tendencies required by many compressors and are recommended for drain intervals of up to 2000 hours in normal operating conditions.

Suitable for most hydraulic power systems where reciprocating or rotary fluid pumps are used, including reciprocating and axial piston units, rotary gear and vane pumps.

  • Suitable for mobile & static hydraulic systems
  • Outstanding anti oxidant performance maintains system efficiency
  • Manufactured using heat-stable 100% virgin base oils
  • Main applications: Bearings, gearboxes, fluid couplings and general circulating systems of static industrial hydraulics and mobile earth-moving plant.
S46 P68 P100 V150
Viscosity 46 68 100 150
Density @ 15°C 0.87 0.88 0.88 0.89
KV @40°C cSt 6.8 68 101.1 150
KV @100°C cSt 6.8 8.7 10.9 14.9
Viscosity index 100 100 100 100
Flash Point °C 220 244 268 270

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